Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our 1st Con of the year is this weekend!

We've come a long way in a year.

Last year I was poking fun at going to HeroesCon. I didn't get any of it. My husband and middle son were way excited, the baby had no opinion, and the eldest, well, he adamantly disliked comics. That was June 2010. You can read last year's post titled: HeroesCon 2010: An Outsider's View

This weekend is HeroesCon 2011. I have been so looking forward to the event! I now know the distributors and companies beyond just DC & Marvel (Darkhorse, Boom, IDW, Image, Panda Dog...). I can scroll down the expansive list of names  and know who a bunch are without looking at their creds! I am very proud of myself!

So, I just ran through teh list of those coming and made my own list of who we must see along with their location (So I when we pick up our passes, we cane highlight on the map right away because I am anal/OCD/nerdy like that). Of course, we may walk past someone who has some killer art up and stop (as we did last year for bunch of people). The kids are way more into it this year so this should be fun.

Look for more preview posts to come before Friday and of course my wrap-up of the convention with lots of pictures!

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