Tuesday, June 7, 2011

HeroesCon 2011 Complete Wrap-up

Let me start out with our Hotel. Instead of the Westin (which we stayed at last year and is the "official hotel of the convention") we opted for cheaper. We Priceline'd it and got the Hilton garden Inn for under $60.00 a night! The Hilton garden is right next to the NASACR Hall of Fame. Basically, we walk a bit more than from the Westin but we're closer to air conditioning so the walk was easier with kids. Plus parking was cheaper, free wi-fi, and all around a way better value and experience. I totally recommend! Here are 2 room pictures. I should addd when Tom went to check-in he asked for 2 queen beds. Then he asked how much it cost to upgrade to a suite. They bumped us up for free! So we had a 2 room suite for under 60 bucks! Score!

Each Day has a separate post & shows who they feature:

Jamie Cosley | Chris Giarrusso | Gregg Schigiel | S.L. Gallant | Andy Runton | Rob Anderson | Jon Gray | Mike Norton | Chris Uminga | Todd Degazo | Evan Dorkin
Jamie Cosley | Chris Giarrusso |  Gregg Schigiel | S.L. Gallant  | Rob Anderson | Scott Kolins | Adam Warrock | Danielle Soloud | Beck Seashols | Skottie Young
Andy Belanger, | Bill Meiggs | Sanford Greene


All-in-all a great con yet again! 
Thanks to everyone who made it special! 
Next year is their 30th anniversary and we will surely be there!

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