Wednesday, June 15, 2011

100 Things About Me :: ♥ Things I Love ♥

“Be happy. It's one way of being wise.” So, fill your life with happiness, withe the things you love. My happiness comes from...

31. Cats. I am totally and completely a cat person.

32. Baby Toes. Could there be anything cuter?

33. Food Lion Brand Banana Ice Pops. Dont ask but note I can eat an entire bag in one swoop and there are 24 bars in the bag! They might have calories but at least they are fat-free. 

34. My mom's potato latkes. That is what I ask for every year as a birthday present.... "please Mom make me the potato pancakes for my birthday???" I can easily make them myself, but it's something special she makes me and They are my favorite food!

35. Watermelon. I dont even have enough words to say how much I love watermelon anything!

36. Chasing Amy. I love all Kevin Smith films basically but Chasing Amy is, for me, the most true and one I can identify with... well, kind of. It's oddly very realistic and if you think otherwise, talk to me about it. 

37. The image of Deadpool. Not sure why I love any reincarnation  or artistic spin on Deadpool, but I do. 

38. Art. I appreciate art. I see things through the lens of a camera in everyday life. I am often heard saying, "Wow, she'd be stunning in B&W!" "That would be a great picture blown up on our wall" or "That old barn would make a perfect picture!". I can draw pretty well but I am envious of all those comic book artists at the conventions. I tell Tom how I'd love my house decorated with different commissions. Some of them are so exquisite. If we only had more money.... or were better friends with some of the artists we love.

39. My Routan. Seriously, the best vehicle. If you haven't been in a Volkswagen Routan, go and see one. 

40. Bed! I love climbing into a nice comfy bed like ours. Pure "ahhhhh".

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