Sunday, June 12, 2011

Heard at My House...err, the Park

We went to party at a local park for our friend. She had asked me about cupcakes but I told her: "Kids dont care what they taste like, go to Harris Teeter.  Plus they'll be much cheaper" Well, money is money so she had ordered one from HT. My guess is 24 cupcakes and I think it cost 16 bucks which compared to my $24.00 for a dozen is cheaper.
Kids were happy with the cupcakes... well.. most of them.
OC comes over and hands me a cupcake with the gummy worm missing (duh!) and 1 lick gone.

He states and I quote (tom can vouch - he heard it): "Mom, this cupcake is horwibble!" And he said it with such conviction!

He is indeed my child.... a cupcake snob!

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