Wednesday, June 15, 2011

100 Things About Me :: My Firsts

No one can possibly know what is about to happen: it is happening, each time, for the first time, for the only time." Below are some of mine. My first...

81. Friend: Mary Anne - she lived next door. I remember helping her get out of her crib. I was 22 months older. She moved when I was in 1st grade (she was in Kindergartner) to South Carolina. Her dad had to move. He worked for Michelin. I hated that fat, puffy Michelin man so much growing up - he took my best friend away!

82. Sport: Softball. I was Right field until they realized I was an awesome catcher. I played for 3 years before moving on to bowling and twirling.

83. Kiss: Andrew W - at his Bar Mitzvah so I am sure my 1st kiss is recorded on video tape. I will say, I remember it as being so sweet and beautiful.

84. Pet: Heidi our Golden Retriever - she was there when I was born.

85. Time at Disney: I was 12 and went with my Dad in my Popa's small RV. It was magical.

86. Job: Cashier at East Meadow Farms at age 14. 

87. Time I had sex: I was 2 months shy of 16. I was in a condo in Florida with my now ex. My parents were at some conference with my brother whom we were visiting. Supposedly it was his 1st time as well. It was beautiful. We stayed together for another 3+ years. 

88. Surgery: Never had one unless you count removal of my wisdom teeth or my sutures after giving birth.

89. Car: The one that was/is mine is my Volkswagen Routan.

90. Album owned: "MTV's Music To Go: Volume 1." It was a cassette tape and it the 1st one that was all mine, not a kids tape, and was for my new boom box.

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