Wednesday, June 15, 2011

100 Things About Me :: Bad, Nasty habits

“Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of.”

11. I bite my nails. i bite, and bite! I bite the cuticles too. 

12. If my hair isn't in a ponytail, I'm probably running my fingers through it. It's very calming but I am sure annoys others.

13. I am a New Yorker and the way I use some words will always remind you of it no matter how long I've been down south. I use curses as adjectives, such as "The f'n stove was left on." Some curses I dont use like curses but in regular conversation like the word a-- ("You are such an a--" comes out of my mouth many times a day). If you dont like cursing, dont drive with me. I have a very foul driving mouth which oddly leads into #14 below. 

14. I believe people should follow rules. I follow the rules and i think everyone else should to and I will gladly take it upon myself to make others follow rules; stopping fully at a stop sign, going exactly the speed limit to someone tailgating me, honking at cars speeding through school zones, and honking if people blow stop signs. I hate people that can't follow t eh rules of the road. How hard is it to put on a blinker? How hard is it to wait 3 seconds for the car who has the right away to go? UGH!

15. I, like many people, are a complete OCD-candidate. I can tell you were all things are in my house because they are all lined up a certain way. Couches are exactly centered to the windows, framed centered, things all line up a certain way... I am very visually OCD. 

16. I cant help it, it takes me like 10-15 minutes per child to pick our their clothes each day! I have this need to make sure they look extra cute. It's hard to let go of my 7-year old who wants to dress himself. Shirts and pants much match, Jackets match clothes, socks match, underwear coordinates, shoes coordinate. I know I have issues. Keep in mind I also make sure they match for bed. no one sees them but they HAVE to match slippers and all.

17. My brain moves fast. Only way to keep up with it is to make everything into a list. If you get an e-mail from me, most likely it's in list form as well. My life is one big list.

18. If the kids are coloring, I cant color on a page that has a mark on it... and I cant stop coloring until I'm done completely. even in a coloring book I cant half-ass a job.

19. Shoes! Shoes are my bad habit but again, not in  the way you'd think. I actually hate shoes and I hate wearing them at all. If it was acceptable, I would never wear shoes except in cases where it hurt my feet not to. As soon as I can, wherever I am, I take off my shoes; in the car, at a restaurant if my feet are hidden under the table... You get the idea. Doesnt help that I tend to sit criss-cross apple-sauce a lot too. 

20. I'm not a gossiper but I do love to listen to every one's conversations. At a party, be warned if you try talking to me! I will probably be listening to at least 2 other conversations other than the one I am participating in. I dont know why I find it so fascinating but I do and I cant stop. Just who I am. 

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