Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Change Inside of Me

I often asked myself why? What purpose can it do to hand someone so much burden that it hurts to watch? One of those questions we may never have answers to, I am sure. But I see some light and it's thanks to a friend who is close in my heart but far in miles - over 2400 as-the-crow-flies miles.

My sweet friend, Keltie, she has proven to me and countless others that one needs to let go and let God. She has proven how sweet His love is through all the trials he's put her through as long as your faith doesn't crumble. Years ago, I saw how strong a woman she is. I was envious of what she could go through and with such grace. As time passed and more stuff kept happening to someone who appeared to be such a good person, it dawned on me that she's being tested. It has been shown in the Bible that He tests people to see their strength in their faith. I wasn't one who believed in all that: until Keltie.

She has brought me closer to God and my salvation. She SHOWS that God will provide. When she has nothing, He has provided for her because she believes and trusts. While she may think some of her postings are negative and not how she should react, she shows such grace and poise and commitment to her faith that it's hard for ANYONE to not want to trust and have that same feeling. Reading her stuff is like reading the Bible in real-time. She suffers and gets taken care of and glorifies him no matter what. She's an inspiration of how I hope to be and I how I hope my children are.

So while my writing may be more disheveled than her beautifully crafted words on your computer screen, the point is the same.

Keltie, while the song ultimately is about Him and not an individual, it's YOU who changed me enough for HIM to change me. So, at night, when you finally have quiet in that happily noisy house, and you ever wonder why you over and over, it's because He's using you to show the world what True Love is! You are His instrument and whether you believe so or not, you Glorify Him with every breath. I love you, Keltie!


Samantha said...

So beautifully said Tara! I'm glad you have become closer to God, and Keltie is such an inspiration! :)

James'momma said...

I 2nd sam's response.
Keltie IS amazing. and so are you.
love you both. :)

SMK said...

So beautiful and I agree 100%!! Keltie is an inspiration to us all!

DeniseZ said...

Love this. Love you girlies. :)

Keltie said...

I'm not worthy of these words but you will never know how much they have touched my heart.