Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Personality is Decided when?

Your personality changes... well, until a certain age apparently. A study of 144 boy in 1st grade in the 60's revealed something interesting. teacher's noted their personalities. After 40 years, they got reinterviewed and it was found that their personalities remained the same! So, the personality you have in 1st grade is the personality yo have for life. 

Think about that for a minute!

I did.... more so because my son is in 1st grade. If he keeps his personality, I'd be more than happy. He's positive, information seeking, loving, and I wont change any of it. Apparently, I couldn't' change it much anyway, but I wouldn't want to!

Here's a link to an article on the study -

Is Chivalry Dead?

Granted I am married and have been with my husband only for over 10-years but I dont think Chivalry is dead at all. I can remember times before him (*gasp*) of guys I dated and how things went. I remember car doors being opened for me first (keyless entry wasn't really around much). I can remember pulling out of chairs when going out to eat. I can remember getting flowers or a gift for no reason but to make me feel special. I remember being made feel like a princess and while I wanted to be independent, I loved this. I still do. I feel that chivalry is very much alive but it's just today's women that kill it. How can a woman be so independent and then expect to become a "damsel in distress"? You can't have it both ways. 

I always loved to be taken care of. I like being made to feel important and special and "rescued" if you will. I in turn love to make that special someone know how appreciated they are. 

If you think chivalry is dead, I think you need to take another look at yourself and how you LET people treat you and how you come off. I think instinctively, guys want to be the "knight in shining armor" and the "the protector." I think instinctively, girls want to be taken care of and be nurturers. As of late, society has made it seem more important for women to be their own person and stand on their own. While this is great, you cant be self-reliant and strong, and expect someone to be able to take car of you - it's contradictory and confusing.

So if you are one of the people who think chivalry is dead, take a look at whom you are dating. Take a look at yourself and what vibe you give off. Take a look at where you are meeting these people.

Chivalry is alive if it's allowed to be.

Comments? Post 'em below!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How deep IS your love?

The #1 song the day I was born (January 4th, 1978) was "How Deep Is Your Love" by the Bee Gees.

The song title spoke to me. How deep IS your love?
  • I often tell Tom how I wish there a word for how I feel about him... it's more than love.
  • I unconditionally love my children. There is no way I could not love them. Dont try and disprove me.
  • I love food. I am a total foodie. I'd rather enjoy food and life and be slightly overweight then to miss out on some amazing taste and be society's ideal.
  • I love watching my kids grow and become these loving, caring, little men taking care of each other and their pets.
  • I love songs that move me emotionally... the ones that make me cry no matter how many times I hear it or the ones that make me close my eyes and just get soaked up in it. Since you're wondering what a song like that is for me it's something like the Pretenders' "I'll Stand by You", Melissa Etheridge's "I Run for Life" and Elton John's "Blessed" and "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" (there are more).
  • I love HT's singing. He just came down the stairs singing, "I kissed a girl and I liked it. Tasted like cherry chapstick". It gets no cuter and I love it!
  • I love peace & quiet although I kinda forgot what that is like.... I do know I love it.
  • I love sleep. I am not embarrassed to admit that I love sleep and our bed is so freakin' comfy its almost unreal. 
  • I love to bake for people's enjoyment. I love to see people enjoy my baked goods and the look on their faces as the flavors envelop their souls. That's what baking is all about... Even non-foodies get sucked into my baking. It's a great sense of pride to see people "get" food the way Tom & I do.
  • I love saving money. I am a proud coupon person and I will proudly boast how I just saved 75% on my grocery bill! :)
  • Did you know Burt's Bees makes toothpaste? They do and I love it! I never enjoyed brushing my teeth but with that stuff, it must be laced with something because there are days I brush 6 or 7 times just because! Seriously, I dont know what or why but It works. I hate that it took my that long to find it.

My son - the comic geek is - Confused.

H insists on something that I can't figure out.
SOMEONE must figure this out for me (and him so I dont think he's crazy).
This is from my four year's mouth:
"Raven's other dad, not Trigon. He has 2 eyes that are red and he's a bad guy and he's a robot because he's inside the robot. I've never seen him not in inside the robot. You should have watched the Teen Titans that had that other dad that I dont know the name of."
So please figure out what he INSISTS is Raven's Dad but isn't!
Solution: The answer is SLADE aka Deathstroke! I showed him a picture if Slade and he said that's him! I explained he wasn't Raven's dad but her dad's friend. CT came down and saw the picture and told me it was a bad guy who hangs out with Raven's dad like a sidekick. :) This is Slade is Teen Titans (The Deathstroke name was apparently a bit much for younger kids):
So yeah, question answered. Good work, Tom!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Nobody makes Baby Sit in the Corner!

That's the phrase I thought of recently when "talking" to my friend Jay.
I met Jay when I was 12... so yes, 20 years ago!!!!
We kinda ran with different circles but his "bad-ass"ness and my goody-goody attitude kinda fit together in a brother-sister kinda way.
His locker was next to mine in high school.
He'd "protect" me from the guys and he'd give me a hug when I was feeling bad.

We used to talk pretty openly on GoogleTalk about 2-3 times a month.
He's married. No kids.
I'm very happily married with 3 of the most gorgeous boys you can find.
We talked about work.
We talked about his wife wanting kids.
We talked about his art.
We talked about my work.
We talked about the kids.
We talked about stress and money.
We talked. period.

He's a friend on facebook too.
His wife doesn't know me.
We lost contact somewhere after high school and found each other after I was here in NC.
I reply to his FB posts sometimes but we didnt talk on FB much because I dont say too much in depth stuff on there.
When i need to talk to someone, it certainly aint on FB for the world to see.
So we used GoogleChat for anything substantial.
His wife didn't (doesn't) like when I'd post on his FB page.
One that really annoyed her (and made him delete and comments I made following that day) is when Tom & I were in Vegas this past June.
I made a comment on how it would be so much more fun with Jay and his wife there.
Vegas is great! I love Vegas. We love Vegas.
Vegas seems like so much more fun with more people... a bunch of single girls/guys, or a few couples together.
Jay (I can't vouch for his wife since i dont know her but she did marry Jay) is the type of person we'd need to bring us out of our shell and really fully enjoy our first kid-free time ever.
She did NOT like that at all apparently.
Dude! I said me and my hubby want her and her hubby here. That's bad? WTF? Psycho.

So now the only way for us to "talk" after this had to be off Facebook.
I had enough one day when i made a totally innocent comment on his FB page in response to his status.
he erased it right away.
That was my last straw!

I am in a place now where I am not a hidden friend!
I had that.
I was very uncool in elementary school.
A popular girl liked me.
So much so, we were almost inseparable out of school and we were best friends without a doubt.
In school, she'd be mean to me just like the rest of her clique.
She wasn't allowed to be friends with me.
Having no other friends, it was better than nothing because when she was with me, I had her whole heart.
Thinking back, if she did love me as a friend, it had to have hurt her to be mean to me almost as much as it hurt me that she acted that way.
Anyway, that was a long time ago and I've learned so much along the way.
One thing being, I refuse to be a "secret" friend ever again.

My LLB Girls (close friends of mine that are all over the country (and even some in Canada and Australia)) have been having bad luck lately. Bad luck with their spouses.
Husband's cheating seems recurring on our boards.
One friend in particular is going through this all at this time.
One of the last people you'd want this to happen to.
Someone who I know will be OK after all is said and done because her strength has been tested over and over and she always overcomes with love and a smiling heart.
But this in my head is rattling around.

Jay's wife wont let him to talk to me on FB (the only way she knows we talk).
If she ever found out how in depth he ever spoke to me, they might not exist anymore.
I refused to be part of that.
I told him I wont do it.
Either she knows, or we dont talk.
He told me it was his problem and not mine - that if he got caught that he'd be the one in trouble.
Yeah, but it would be MY fault. I'd be the reason.
Granted, we spoke openly but seriously as friends!
He asked how Tom feels about it.
Tom knows I love him more than most people get to experience in their lifetime.
We have something really special and anyone who really knows us, knows we were meant to be together.
i am a jealous person mainly because of my past but when it comes down to it, I KNOW Tom would never ever hurt me.
I know that he feels the same.
He trusts me.
I would never break his trust and potentially ruin one of the best things ever.

I kept thinking of Dirty Dancing and the quote (that hubby loves to quote) "Nobody puts Baby in the corner".
That's how I felt.
Like I was being stuck in a corner so no one would see me.
Nobody sticks me in a corner!

I haven't spoken to him in weeks and unless him and his wife split (which I feel WILL happen just not right now - from what I have heard about everything, they do not work together very well), he's just a thing in my past.
Which is sad.
He's one of the people who wasn't around much, but made a big print on my heart.
He was there when I needed him back in HS with a hug and laugh to make sure i knew things were OK (i was very manic-depressive-like then).
He helped me get through those days and I will forever be grateful.
But I am not a hidden friend.
I grew up.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Damn the whale!

Seriously, Twitter! 
Get your shit together!
I am tired of the fail whale! 

"Twitter is over capacity. Please wait a moment and try again." 
"We’re currently experiencing a high error rate on Twitter. 
Our infrastructure and operations engineers are responding to the incident."

That doesn't help me get my twit fix! AHH!


I haven't had a job that required filling out federal and state paperwork in over 10 years. That all changed on Monday! I am now a proud employee at Wakefield Baptist Church's new preschool program. i will be a TA for either the 3's or 4's class. I'd love to be in the 2's ideally, but OC is way to possessive over me to allow me to help other kids. So after filling out tons of paperwork, I am happy to announce my employment! I can't wait to help these children grow and learn. It's such a joy to see things through the eyes of a child. Plus it gets me outta the house and helps pay for their schooling. So yeah, CT will be in 1st grade, HT in the 4's, and OC in the 2's (for now).

3 boys!

3 rambunctious boys. 3 precious souls. Sometimes they stop long enough for a picture that doesnt come out too badly.

Track-In, Track-Out

So, we're on a year-round calendar here for school. In case you don't know, that means 9 weeks on, 3 weeks off, all year. Sounds weird but I love it. I really do. I think it's much better for the kids.  But that means between Kindergarten and First grade, CT had off 9 days... Fine by me! But based on the calendar, he was in for only 3 weeks before tracking out. He tracked out on the 30th of July. It's Thursday and I cant wait for him to go back! The three of them all together are driving me completely batty! It was hard enough to do things with OC & HT but add in CT too and 5 minute errands become 2-hour long trips that usually always result in someone punished.

So between tracking in and out, and the younger 2 off from preschool between may and September, I dont get to post much. Add in my side jobs i take whenever I can and I just wish there were more hours in a day - as long as those hours were while my kids slept).

I know I'm blessed. i wouldn't trade being with them for anything, but man! They certainly challenge me mentally!