Wednesday, June 15, 2011

100 Things About Me :: Appearances

"Appearance rules the world."

1. I am 5 feet 2 -1/2 inches tall. I kid you not, I was always one of the tallest kids in elementary school. I grew like a weed until about 5th grade. That's where i was 5 foot 1 inches.. I only grew an inch and a half since 5th grade! 

2. I have 2 tattoos I got 13+ years ago. Tattoo #1 is on my right hip. It's the kanji sign for poet. It's just a simple black inking. Tattoo #2 is on my lower back (aka the Tramp Stamp). It's a rainbow peace sign. I totally forget I even have this as I can't see it. I always meant to make it bigger - even when I got it. Both in places you'd never just see. The lower back is probably the only one you'd see without my specifically showing you. That one peeks outta my jeans. The reason I got both of them there is I wanted to be able to wear slinky dresses for a corporate event and not have my tattoos show. Now as a mom, I think the spots are nice because I can show them off if I want to but kids don't need to be embarrassed or anything.

3. I have weird eyes. They aren't a specific color. They kind of change depending on what my diet is. It's somewhere between green and blue but a more muted version. Then I have this distinct golden rim around the center. When I ask the kids what color my eyes are, they always pause and think. I steer them towards teal. 

4. If you look at my nose, it looks like I had a piercing there. Thing is, I did have a nose ring (for awhile too), but that "hole" isn't really a hole. Its just a big pore apparently. I had to convince them when I got it pierced that it was not a scar from a previous piercing. You can barely see the real nose ring hole though. So, yes, I had a nose ring but not because you think you see where it was. 

5. I had 3 holes in each ear but currently I can only get 2 earrings in each.

6. My feet aren't that big really. It's just they are super duper wide. I can get away with a 7 if they are wide enough but they generally aren't so I have to go bigger. My usual size is 8 or 8-1/2 wide.

7. I graduated high school with a 32D. I graduated college with a 34DDD. Currently, I am 36I/38H. Yikes!

8. My hair is light brown and all the highlights you see in it are natural. I used to make it blond but I gave up on that over 9 years ago. This is much easier :)

9. I have bad posture. My shoulders slough forward. Only thing is... I have a reason. My boobs are what made my posture this way. I am hoping after my reduction I can correct this crappy posture. 

10. I got "junk in the trunk." Even when I was a size 3, I had a booty. I have gotten used to having a butt. It's not a HUGE disproportionate butt, but it's definitely there. Good thing hubby loves big butts! :)

Me just after turning 16

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