Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Heard/Done at My House

OC looked like he was licking the wall.

Mom: "Dont lick the wall!"
OC: "I'm not. I was wiping my boogers on it!"

EWW! Only in my house. Sad when you'd rather he lick the wall then do what he was doing. :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Done at my house

So I was inside and Miss N came barreling in saying how she needed ice quick. She went in my freezer and we grabbed an ice pack. She ran out side and I followed. Apparently A had taken a terrible spill... flipped over on the sidewalk and banged his forehead. His knee hurt and his elbow was scraped up. Miss C, his mom, said he needed a band-aid. She yelled for her eldest, a 13-year old, to go inside and get a band-aid. He went very slowly and grumpily into their house. Meanwhile, Owen comes running from our house and hands Miss C a band-aid and neo-to-go spray. He waits there for her to hand him back the spray and then he stays and waits for the garbage form the band-aid. he then went and threw the garbage out and put the spray back. Now out comes A's brother with a cheese stick in his hand saying how he couldn't find the band-aids. Miss C said they were right there in the kitchen on top of the toaster as she anticipated someone needing one today.

Anyway, that's my boy - the little humanitarian he is. He heard someone need something, went and got it, nice and quick, no distractions. O just amazes me.

Still waiting.

Sorry for not updating sooner but there isnt much to update!

4:45pm: Brought my mom down for the cath test.
5:50pm: Doctor told my dad that her coronary arteries were all clear and
8:00pm: Dad told me that there were no blockages at all that they could find but she could probably go home tomorrow  morning (4/7). She's still having chest pain and pain in her neck (front on each side of the throat). They were giving her a stomach cocktail (mylanta and some other pills) and they were gonna see what they're doing  from there.
8:40am: Mom is waiting to see a doctor and let us know when she can come home. Dad said he'd call me when they know anything.

So yeah, it's after 11:00am and we still dont know much. Owen picked out flowers for Grandma. I just dont know where to bring them - to her house so they're there when she gets there, or to the hospital to keep her happy?

For all those who have sent texts or called me... THANK YOU! It's seriously times like that that you find out who your true friends are! Again, thank you all! :)

I go pick up Hunter in a few and  sometimes between 12 & 4, the carpet cleaners are supposed to come: I've put off carpet cleaning for WAY too long. SO, if anyone wants to play, we'll need to stay outside but it's so GORGEOUS out. :)

As of 11:40, my mother keeps having the pains. So, now we're waiting on a gasto consult to see if they can run tests today or not. So we still dont know whether or not she's staying or what's actually wrong.

UPDATE 2: at 2:10 Dad called to say mom was getting an endoscopy done right now. More waiting!

UPDATE 3: at 4:20-ish Dad has informed me that Mom has a bad Hiatal Hernia and her esophagus is inflamed. Course of action is a heartburn medication. if that doesn't help, surgery may be possible. He said she'll be home after dinnertime.

Mom arrived home at 6:20pm, to her flowers and fruit picked out by Owen.She seems herself and went to the computer to look things up. I hope this is the ultimate answer to a few of her long-term issues and that there's nothing else in play.

I thank you all for your love and support.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I took it off

I was my moms for half the day yesterday. My jewelry order came in and I wanted to wear a new necklace I bought.I put it on remembering I had my cross on. I was a cross-road. I never take my cross off. I got it as soon as I found out I was pregnant with CT 7-1/2 years ago. I wore it then, after him, with H, after H, with OC and I dont plan on removing it.

Anyway, I said something along the lines of 'oh, carp. i'd have to take off my cross.' My mom said the cross doesn't protect you. I knew she was right. I took it off, put it into a baggie and into a box and brought it home that evening (last evening). After I came home from dinner, I took off my "new" necklace and didnt think to put on the other one (again, I never took off my cross). I went to bed, neck-naked.

I woke up, neck-naked. I got a phone call at 7:45-ish that my dad brought my mom to the ER last night. They sent her to the main hospital campus and she is currently waiting for the cardiologist to come in as they wait in the CCU (coronary care unit). I spoke with him quickly and went to get my kids clothes out of their closets to get then ready for school.

I opened O's closet, thinking, and went to pray she would be OK. I took my hand,  went to grab the cross that wasn't there and realized I WASN'T WEARING IT!.

Yeah, I cant help but wonder (stupidly I am sure), but my mom said nothing bad is going to happen by not wearing it - it doesn't protect you. I cant help but think that she'd be asleep at home right now if I hadn't taken it off. I know it's stupid thinking... more stupid when you step out of Roman Catholicism beliefs (which we all sort of left behind us). But that my Mommy we're talking about.

kids are eating. They dont know anything. I will pick up L, drop CT & L at school, bring H to school, and head over to the hospital 45+ minutes away with OC. I'll figure out who is getting HT at 12 once I get there.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

He just doesnt get it.

I told my husband I wanted to start going to church.
A specific church, Richland Creek.
I love it there.

He told me to go.
I said, 'but the kids wont go without you."
His response?
I could either go without them or just bring them.
The kids don't want to be apart from their Dad. They love him so incredibly much. I get that and I wouldn't rip them apart.
As for me going without all of them... yeah, kind of defeats the purpose... I want the kids to go!

The last thought on his mind (which apparently isn't even a consideration) is that he o with me and the kids go happily.

Maybe one day he'll realize Church is not the enemy and open up and let something help him!

Not bad for through a window...

I love birds.
I love their songs and their tweets.
I heard the soft coos of a mourning dove and the clicking noises Sushi was making as she gazed through the back door at it.
It sat on our deck edging and I grabbed my camera.
I snapped this picture through a double-paned glass door. Not too shabby!

Beautiful Mourning Dove in Wake Forest, NC

Sunday, April 3, 2011

There is 1 good thing abot cancer...

I;m a "look at the bright side" kind of person.l I always try and find a reason, or a positive spin on the crappy events that transpire in our lives. I got stumped when my brother was diagnosed with cancer. What the heck could be good about that? It's one of the worst propel it could happen to in my opinion. Someone who provides for his family, who is loved by everyone, someone who had already been through his own personal hell and beaten odds once before. Not that there are people who 'should' get cancer, but he was at the top if the 'should never' list (if such a thing ever existed).

He's more than 2 years post-chemo and clear as the air we breathe! Sure, the positive spin at this point could be that he is now a success story. Someone newly diagnosed with Hodgkin's can look at what worked for my brother and pray it works for them and have hope it does. I'll give that to ya but I found the true silver lining.

The one good thing to come out of his getting and kicking cancer's butt is this: Now everyone can see how much of a hero I ready knew he was!

My brother has been my hero since I was a peanut. Maybe because he was so sweet to his little sister. He didn't have to be. I was 8 years younger and I am sure he had better things to do. He would babysit me and we'd eat candy and drink soda together (things we normally weren't allowed to do). He brought me to see Gremlins in the move theater.

Let me explain that. We had a movie theater around the corner from our house. Gremlins came out in summer of 1984 which made me SIX and him almost FOURTEEN. A 14 year old boy brought his 6-year old baby sister to see a movie with a group of his friends (13 & 14 year old boys). I still cant fathom it thinking back. But the blender scene comes up. You know the one where they are in the kitchen and she sticks him in the blender and turns it on. Well, he saw what was coming and he put his hands over my eyes. I still remember it clearly and it was 27 years ago!

He was so cool in my eyes. Even when he was at his worst, I never saw the bad - he was always my hero. Time and time again, life has thrown him curve balls and time and time again, he has proven that he is the perfect person to look up to.

Lots of stuff has happened. We'll leave it at that. But here he is: a Cancer survivor. A father of 2 wonderful children married to his best friend and high school sweetheart (today is their 24th anniversary!). My brother. My hero after all these years. Most heroes have their faults and people stop looking up to them. I know I will never stop looking up to him.

I love you, Bro!