Wednesday, June 15, 2011

100 Things About Me :: Random Information

So much of life is determined by pure randomness. Here is some of my randomness.

91. I whole-heatedly believe my husband and I are meant to be together. He tests me like the devil tested so many. But I think I am meant to help change him, make him be a better person and potentially get him closer to God.

92. While I break out in hives at the drop of a hat, I've never gotten poison ivy and oddly, I dont think I'm allergic to it!

93. I laugh a lot. Not because I am a happy person per se, but because my body's reaction to things is to laugh. When I'm scared, I laugh. When I'm embarrassed, I laugh. When I and super sad, I laugh. I laugh at funerals. I think my body laughs to not cry which is funny because I cry. A LOT.

94. I got my Driver's Licence when I was 30. Before that I only had learner's permits. It's not that I failed the big tests or anything.. I was too scared to take them.

95. I hate knick-knacks. They collect dust.

96. I am dyslexic.

97. I started college as someone half-way through their sophomore year.

98. I dont have a mouse on my computer. I use a tablet and a stylus and hate using mice because I have become so accustomed to this.

99. I definitely take on more things than I should. I think my life needs to be "over booked" in order for me to function properly.

100. I have a weird sense of music. I can sing along to songs I am hearing for the 1st time. My baby has the same talent.

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