Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Taco Rice

I am always at a loss with what to do with ground beef. My kids aren't picky really, but I guess they kind of are. There is usually some kid who wont eat what I make. It's rare to get all kids to like the same thing.

Tom came home with red sticker-ed beef. I froze it and pulled it out 2 days ago to thaw in the fridge. I decided to make a taco thing with it. I've moved on from just 'make-your-own-tacos' to taco salad like tom's Aunt Dot makes. I wanted  something different this time. I was thinking kind of like a Mexican dirty-rice.. maybe served over a bed of lettuce. I went to the store, bought my stuff and came home to prepare. I looked online maybe for a suggestion to what I had in my head and when I typed in "taco rice" in google, it came u with Taco Rice. Apparently, it's what I was going to make, the way I was going to make it but it's somehow a Japanese dish. Go figure!

Anyway, the results were awesome! Everyone loved it and it was easy and cheap! Could it get better than that?


     1.5-2 pounds ground beef (more if it's higher fat, less if it's lean)
     2 packets mild taco seasoning
     1-1/3 cup water
     1/3 cup salsa
     6 cups cooked rice
     1-1/2 cups shredded Mexican Mix cheese
     1 head of iceberg lettuce, in small pieces
     Sour cream


  1. Cook beef and drain.
  2. add both seasoning packets and water.
  3. bring to boil then let simmer for 5 minutes. There will be liquid in pan which is a good thing.
  4. in a large bowl add rice, meat mixture and mix really well.
  5. add salsa and mix
  6. add cheese and mix.
  7. if it needs to be rewarmed, add to original pot on medium and heat and stir for a few minutes.
  8. put lettuce in bowl, then a scoop of rice mix, then a dollop of sour cream!

Alternately, if you heat a flour tortilla in a pan until it starts to get crispy, then squirt on some sour cream, add a scoop of rice mix and fold.. it's like the best grilled stuffed burrito form Taco Bell. Just way better! :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fresh Georgia Peach Pound Cake

There's nothing quite like taking a bite of a super ripe Georgia Peach. You need to stand slouched over because the juice quickly drips down your chin, no matter how delicately you try to eat it. It's just pure pleasure!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Change Inside of Me

I often asked myself why? What purpose can it do to hand someone so much burden that it hurts to watch? One of those questions we may never have answers to, I am sure. But I see some light and it's thanks to a friend who is close in my heart but far in miles - over 2400 as-the-crow-flies miles.

My sweet friend, Keltie, she has proven to me and countless others that one needs to let go and let God. She has proven how sweet His love is through all the trials he's put her through as long as your faith doesn't crumble. Years ago, I saw how strong a woman she is. I was envious of what she could go through and with such grace. As time passed and more stuff kept happening to someone who appeared to be such a good person, it dawned on me that she's being tested. It has been shown in the Bible that He tests people to see their strength in their faith. I wasn't one who believed in all that: until Keltie.

She has brought me closer to God and my salvation. She SHOWS that God will provide. When she has nothing, He has provided for her because she believes and trusts. While she may think some of her postings are negative and not how she should react, she shows such grace and poise and commitment to her faith that it's hard for ANYONE to not want to trust and have that same feeling. Reading her stuff is like reading the Bible in real-time. She suffers and gets taken care of and glorifies him no matter what. She's an inspiration of how I hope to be and I how I hope my children are.

So while my writing may be more disheveled than her beautifully crafted words on your computer screen, the point is the same.

Keltie, while the song ultimately is about Him and not an individual, it's YOU who changed me enough for HIM to change me. So, at night, when you finally have quiet in that happily noisy house, and you ever wonder why you over and over, it's because He's using you to show the world what True Love is! You are His instrument and whether you believe so or not, you Glorify Him with every breath. I love you, Keltie!

He's MY son!

After dropping CT off at school, I was gonna grab a Starbucks. I still have money on the card (I  love getting things for free & I get gift cards and apply them to Strabucks main card all the time but I digress). HT asked if they could get their drinks which are kids steamers (warm milk and a flavoring). HT asked for Caramel. OC said, coconut caramel misto! Yeah, my kid knows my drink order! I order a Venti non-fat caramel coconut Misto.. anyway, he got a coconut steamer. But he's so my kid!

Then, a few hundred feet from last statement, he declares his mouth feels funny. "It's like, it's like, it's like..." (now they didnt eat or drink breakfast yet so i was thinking maybe foamy/dryish) and he finishes the statement with ".. it's like butter cream." I'm guessing thick and pasty-dry. But MY boy is comparing things to butter cream at just 3 years old? He is completely my child!

Another list?

I am a list nut! My life is made better by series after series of lists. 
This morning, I realized that I needed to make a summer list.
A list of things I want to have accomplished by the time OC starts preschool this September.
Things like; see my brother, write a children's book (at least the words - pictures may not be done yet), start walking...

I'll have a separate post wit the list but this is to make me do that list. Seeing something crossed off a list makes me feel better about myself as sad as that is.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Things I never thought I'd have to say

After telling my kids some statement, I realized, I never thought I'd have to say that
That has happened a bunch of times since then.
We went to the pool after dinner ad I had one of those statements again which lead me to come up with posting them.

In the last week, I have said:

"Keep your penises away from each other. We do NOT have penis sword fights!"
"Do NOT lick the carpet!"
"Eww! We do not lick cement!"

I will be adding more as I say them. It's interesting to be around 3 crazy boys all day every day. You end up saying some pretty wild things!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

100 Things About Me

A fellow local blogger, Joni of Six Cherries on Top, had started doing a series to complete her "the good, the bad, & the ugly: 100 things about me" list. I loved her idea and I took it and ran with it. Being the anal person I am, I cant start at 1 so I made my whole list and then reverse listed it so it reads from 1-100 but in groups of 10. 

Here is my 100 listed all on one page (thanks to my labeling).

100 Things About Me :: Appearances

"Appearance rules the world."

1. I am 5 feet 2 -1/2 inches tall. I kid you not, I was always one of the tallest kids in elementary school. I grew like a weed until about 5th grade. That's where i was 5 foot 1 inches.. I only grew an inch and a half since 5th grade! 

2. I have 2 tattoos I got 13+ years ago. Tattoo #1 is on my right hip. It's the kanji sign for poet. It's just a simple black inking. Tattoo #2 is on my lower back (aka the Tramp Stamp). It's a rainbow peace sign. I totally forget I even have this as I can't see it. I always meant to make it bigger - even when I got it. Both in places you'd never just see. The lower back is probably the only one you'd see without my specifically showing you. That one peeks outta my jeans. The reason I got both of them there is I wanted to be able to wear slinky dresses for a corporate event and not have my tattoos show. Now as a mom, I think the spots are nice because I can show them off if I want to but kids don't need to be embarrassed or anything.

3. I have weird eyes. They aren't a specific color. They kind of change depending on what my diet is. It's somewhere between green and blue but a more muted version. Then I have this distinct golden rim around the center. When I ask the kids what color my eyes are, they always pause and think. I steer them towards teal. 

4. If you look at my nose, it looks like I had a piercing there. Thing is, I did have a nose ring (for awhile too), but that "hole" isn't really a hole. Its just a big pore apparently. I had to convince them when I got it pierced that it was not a scar from a previous piercing. You can barely see the real nose ring hole though. So, yes, I had a nose ring but not because you think you see where it was. 

5. I had 3 holes in each ear but currently I can only get 2 earrings in each.

6. My feet aren't that big really. It's just they are super duper wide. I can get away with a 7 if they are wide enough but they generally aren't so I have to go bigger. My usual size is 8 or 8-1/2 wide.

7. I graduated high school with a 32D. I graduated college with a 34DDD. Currently, I am 36I/38H. Yikes!

8. My hair is light brown and all the highlights you see in it are natural. I used to make it blond but I gave up on that over 9 years ago. This is much easier :)

9. I have bad posture. My shoulders slough forward. Only thing is... I have a reason. My boobs are what made my posture this way. I am hoping after my reduction I can correct this crappy posture. 

10. I got "junk in the trunk." Even when I was a size 3, I had a booty. I have gotten used to having a butt. It's not a HUGE disproportionate butt, but it's definitely there. Good thing hubby loves big butts! :)

Me just after turning 16

100 Things About Me :: Bad, Nasty habits

“Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of.”

11. I bite my nails. i bite, and bite! I bite the cuticles too. 

12. If my hair isn't in a ponytail, I'm probably running my fingers through it. It's very calming but I am sure annoys others.

13. I am a New Yorker and the way I use some words will always remind you of it no matter how long I've been down south. I use curses as adjectives, such as "The f'n stove was left on." Some curses I dont use like curses but in regular conversation like the word a-- ("You are such an a--" comes out of my mouth many times a day). If you dont like cursing, dont drive with me. I have a very foul driving mouth which oddly leads into #14 below. 

14. I believe people should follow rules. I follow the rules and i think everyone else should to and I will gladly take it upon myself to make others follow rules; stopping fully at a stop sign, going exactly the speed limit to someone tailgating me, honking at cars speeding through school zones, and honking if people blow stop signs. I hate people that can't follow t eh rules of the road. How hard is it to put on a blinker? How hard is it to wait 3 seconds for the car who has the right away to go? UGH!

15. I, like many people, are a complete OCD-candidate. I can tell you were all things are in my house because they are all lined up a certain way. Couches are exactly centered to the windows, framed centered, things all line up a certain way... I am very visually OCD. 

16. I cant help it, it takes me like 10-15 minutes per child to pick our their clothes each day! I have this need to make sure they look extra cute. It's hard to let go of my 7-year old who wants to dress himself. Shirts and pants much match, Jackets match clothes, socks match, underwear coordinates, shoes coordinate. I know I have issues. Keep in mind I also make sure they match for bed. no one sees them but they HAVE to match slippers and all.

17. My brain moves fast. Only way to keep up with it is to make everything into a list. If you get an e-mail from me, most likely it's in list form as well. My life is one big list.

18. If the kids are coloring, I cant color on a page that has a mark on it... and I cant stop coloring until I'm done completely. even in a coloring book I cant half-ass a job.

19. Shoes! Shoes are my bad habit but again, not in  the way you'd think. I actually hate shoes and I hate wearing them at all. If it was acceptable, I would never wear shoes except in cases where it hurt my feet not to. As soon as I can, wherever I am, I take off my shoes; in the car, at a restaurant if my feet are hidden under the table... You get the idea. Doesnt help that I tend to sit criss-cross apple-sauce a lot too. 

20. I'm not a gossiper but I do love to listen to every one's conversations. At a party, be warned if you try talking to me! I will probably be listening to at least 2 other conversations other than the one I am participating in. I dont know why I find it so fascinating but I do and I cant stop. Just who I am. 

100 Things About Me :: Things I dislike

"From the deepest desires often come the deadliest hate." I've learned that I dont hate things I say I hate. I just immensely dislike them. I do in fact believe in true hatred. If you believe there is a true love, a person you were meant for, who compliments your soul, who lifts you up, who really shows you what the word love is - then, you must believe in hate. A true hate. Something that makes you feel black inside. Something that you cannot control, like your blood boils within. You can not control love, you cannot control hate. I've had a lot of people do terribly things to me. I used to hate them but it wans't true hate and I have since forgiven enough to move on and not let it affect my life. But I sadly, have met my true hate. Even worse off, it's my cousin. We'll just say this is probably the 1st and only time you will hear me mention that I have a 1st cousin named K. I hate her. I know it's un-Christian-like and all that but my insides cannot control it. Anyway, there are things in my life that I more than dont care for like..

21. Beets. completely eww! 

22. Bugs that can make me itch. Spiders, ants, Gnats... anything that bites or makes someone itch freaks me out. I'm okay with caterpillar and moths and the like.. again, just things that make me itch!

23. The smell of bell peppers. The mere smell makes me literally sick to my stomach. a strong enough smell will have me heading to the bathroom to throw-up. I'm allergic to them and my body knows it.

24. Crowds. Probably because I am claustrophobic but I dont like crowded places. I start to get panic attacks before things like a concert thinking about the amount of people there. 

25. Straight-brimmed hats. The brim of a baseball-type hat is supposed to be curved, very curved, so it can shield out sun. These "kids" wearing the brims straight as can be look completely assinine. In the same breath, I hate them worn anything but straight-forward unless you're a cute kid wearing Daddy's hat.

26. Liars.

27. Uni. Uni is Sea Urchin. It tastes like the foulest sea water. It's just nasty. The consistency is squishy. Reminds me of a brain (I bet a brain is former then this tough). I am getting nauseous just thinking about it and typing this out!

28. The 'taste' of meat & poultry. I eat it if disguised enough. I am not a fan of  teh actual meat flavor and hate the taste of chicken. If I had more money, I would totally go back to being a vegetarian, well primarily.

29. Tom's Parenting. Big guy, super-short fuse. It's just insane how quick he gets mad at things that all kids do. Blowing bubbles in your milk may be annoying but it's a kids right of passage. We have wonderful, smart, courteous children and he can't see any of that - all he sees are the negatives. How can you enjoy who they are when all you see are the things they do wrong? 

30. Super Spicy things. I can handle the heat I just dont understand - why? The heat covers up any flavor an item has. Stick the habeƱero on something that  tastes foul - you'd never know how bad it tastes. Dont put spicy stuff on chicken wings, or soup... If I ordered soup, I want soup and I want to be able to taste it not drink a bowl of fire. 

100 Things About Me :: ♥ Things I Love ♥

“Be happy. It's one way of being wise.” So, fill your life with happiness, withe the things you love. My happiness comes from...

31. Cats. I am totally and completely a cat person.

32. Baby Toes. Could there be anything cuter?

33. Food Lion Brand Banana Ice Pops. Dont ask but note I can eat an entire bag in one swoop and there are 24 bars in the bag! They might have calories but at least they are fat-free. 

34. My mom's potato latkes. That is what I ask for every year as a birthday present.... "please Mom make me the potato pancakes for my birthday???" I can easily make them myself, but it's something special she makes me and They are my favorite food!

35. Watermelon. I dont even have enough words to say how much I love watermelon anything!

36. Chasing Amy. I love all Kevin Smith films basically but Chasing Amy is, for me, the most true and one I can identify with... well, kind of. It's oddly very realistic and if you think otherwise, talk to me about it. 

37. The image of Deadpool. Not sure why I love any reincarnation  or artistic spin on Deadpool, but I do. 

38. Art. I appreciate art. I see things through the lens of a camera in everyday life. I am often heard saying, "Wow, she'd be stunning in B&W!" "That would be a great picture blown up on our wall" or "That old barn would make a perfect picture!". I can draw pretty well but I am envious of all those comic book artists at the conventions. I tell Tom how I'd love my house decorated with different commissions. Some of them are so exquisite. If we only had more money.... or were better friends with some of the artists we love.

39. My Routan. Seriously, the best vehicle. If you haven't been in a Volkswagen Routan, go and see one. 

40. Bed! I love climbing into a nice comfy bed like ours. Pure "ahhhhh".

100 Things About Me :: Regrets

They say “Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.” But There are some things that I dont think cant make any better. Here are 10 things I regret. Some, time can heal, others time will never heal. I regret...

41. (My biggest regret & one I cant heal from) not meeting Tom's father. Tom has no clue how much I hate myself for not getting out east sooner. I met Tom IRL (in real life) January 1998. His father passed away June 1998. Tom lived 1.5-2 hours east of our college. I was dating someone at the time. I didnt drive. I put off going out there and it was one of my worst decisions. Had I only have known I would have married Tommy someday and that his father was going to pass away soon, I would have done anything to get out there to meet him. Now he lives on from stories and the few pictures we have. 

42. Mike T. Mike was one of my best friends. We were close. We even had a standing thing that if neither of us were married by 25, we'd marry each other. Sounds silly, huh?? Anyway, he brought out the best in me and I could totally be myself with him. One of my favorite wedding pictures is a picture of him & I dancing together. He never got to see the picture. Don't worry, he's alive and well. Apparently, me poking fun at the time about how he was going to church 3 times a week was enough to make him mad at me. So mad that after 10 years, he still wont forgive me. I cant help but think that he should have embraced the situation. He was the perfect vehicle to help me change my life and help me become closer to God. But, I think about him and how our kids could be loving each other, and how I could be friends with his wife, and how him & Tom could hang out (they actually did get along). He lives in Maryland (last I knew) and I'm in NC, so while we're not super close, at least we see each other. I completely miss him even after all these years.

43. Stopping twirling. I was a competitive baton twirler. I started when I was 8 and kept it up for another 4 years. My team was good. I was good. We were a nationally ranked team. Well, eventually you get good enough where they expect you to do 2 batons at once. I was 'meh' at it. Being I wasn't, really good at it, I didnt like to do it and I decided to quit. My parents never pushed me in any direction. They let me do what I wanted or stop when I wanted but a little push to stay in might have been good. Who knows where it could have brought me in life. 

44. Letting my ex-boyfriend have such a hold on me. The crazy things we do for love.

45. Not listening to my parents. They never wanted me to go anywhere where a boys parents weren't. Long story short, I went to a boys place with my friend and his friends when I shouldn't have and it ended in date rape.  

46. Not listening to Jenn better. I had a friend named Jenn. She, in fact, did have a pretty awful hand dealt to her in life. Another long story made short. I got married. I had a baby. She moved her and her son to Virginia to be with some guy she had met online. She was lone in Virgina and they ended up apart. She was stuck down there in a condo she bought with a wild son (he had medical/psychological issues) with nobody. We tried to keep in touch as best we both could. She begged for me to come visit but I didnt drive and  I couldnt afford to get me and my infant there. In October of 2005, we (Tom, CT & I) stayed in a condo in the Poconos. Jenn & I chatted online. I think she even called us there. She mentioned how she wanted to kill herself. She'd said it before just like a lot of depressed young adults do. She said she could do it. She could order insulin from Canada and it would be quick., I told her she was insane and to quit saying crap like that. That was all said online. We had a busy time planned for our mini family vacation. She tried to call once after that but I was too busy. That was teh last I heard from her. After a while I wondered what was up. She dint answer e-mails but sometimes, life takes hold and we aren't as connected (to the 'net) as we once were. So, time flew by. I got an e-mail from a stranger informing me that Jennifer committed suicide. It was the day after I spoke to her last. I cant help but wonder what if over and over again. I regret not being able to help her more even though I dont know if there was anything else i could have done. I, honestly, was an amazing friend to her and looking back, I'm proud because she needed someone on her side who was a good influence like I was. I miss you, Jenn!

47. Not fighting with my parents over what I wanted to do with my life. I told them I wanted to go to culinary school and they said it was stupid and wouldnt pay for it. I moved on. Sadly, food is my passion. 

48. Changing college majors. I was pre-med as a Bio-Chem major. While my biology grades were A's, my Chemistry were B's. I didnt know you could do med school or get a phd with B's! No one told me I didnt have to be perfect! No one told me that I didnt even have to be a pre-med major to go to med school! I wanted to do forensic genetics and it's still something I wonder about. 

49. Choosing the college I did. There is nothing wrong with the one I chose, especially when I switched to a business major (the Zarb School of Business is nationally ranked as one of the nation's top business schools). It's the REASON I chose it. I chose Hofstra because my ex didnt want me to leave and I dint want to leave him. He promised if I stayed local, we would get engaged soon. Being madly in love with him, I didnt even consider some of the other schools I got into like SUNY Plattsburgh. Ultimately, I met my best friend and soulmate at Hofstra, but I hate that I didnt allow myself other options. 
50. Being a Wallflower. I still kinda am. I am always the quiet/reserved girl in the background. This lack of connection is out of fear/anxiety/just not actually fitting in and it has robbed me of so many chances and opportunities. I wish I was able to be more of a participant in life rather then the observer I've always been.

100 Things About Me :: I dream...

"We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving. And we all have some power of make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing."  I dream:

51. to own my own restaurant. It's going to be called Halligans and while it has a killer bar, it will be known for its home-cooking and amazing desserts!

52. my older brother moves down to NC with the family. I know it's tough bit I want all my family together. I want to watch my nieces grow up like I watched my other niece & nephew grow up. I want to go over to Lisa's for a cup of coffee, and for her to call me to watch the kids while she goes out just to get away. I miss seeing my brother's smile even though my eldest son mimics his almost identically.

Who wouldn't wan to live near these guys? Am I right? :)
53. to have a published children's book. Ideas swirl around in my head like mad. I have the creativity in both writing and art but I hope to find the time to do what I envision before my kids outgrow my stories!

54. of having a house designed around my kitchen. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and I love it that way. I'd love a house that the heart of it was the kitchen of my dreams and open enough for good conversation but separate enough to keep kids out. 

55. of having even just 1 day where I felt physically and emotionally perfect. I haven't felt good in so long I don't even know what not feeling like crap is like. I'm tired of eating and blowing up like a balloon in pain. I'm tired of being almost incapacitated for 2 weeks of every cycle. I'm tired of aching. I'm tired of the migraines. Tired of being depressed. I'm tired of being, well, TIRED and by tired I mean exhausted all the time. I can seriously fall asleep anywhere at anytime (like during a movie, or a Tori Amos concert, while reading out loud.... yeah, it's bad).

56. of having a girl. No matter how much I say '3 is enough' and 'I wouldnt know what to do with a girl', I desperately want one. 

57. of a day of rest. One day where my kids dont fight an my husband doesnt blow his top.

58. of a financial windfall. I dont need a huge amount - just enough to get us out of debt. 

59. of going on vacation to Japan with Tom and the kids. 

60. having my house painted and get new flooring.

100 Things About Me :: Motherhood

"Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love." Who could ask for anything more than motherhood? Not me!

61. My 1st son was induced at 0cm with Pitocin at 5 days late. 2nd son was induced 3+ weeks early 1st with Cervidil, then with Pitocin. My 3rd was 11 days late but came naturally.

62. We dealt with infertility with #1 and tried for a couple years to have him but needed medical intervention. #2 was natural on the 1st time trying. #3 was being prevented.

63. OC climbs into bed to cuddle a lot and I'm okay with that. I know it won't last long and he is our last.

64. I lose weight when pregnant. I lose a bunch then gain baby. I gained 11 pounds, 6 pounds and 11 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight to day before delivery. 

65. I had extreme food aversions with #1. Chicken was the worst. I still can barely eat chicken almost 8 years later. 

66. I chose to delay OC's shots of any live vaccines for 2 years. My brother was undergoing chemo and he wouldnt have been allowed near OC so I chose to wait because my family is important (OC is up-to-date on all shots/vaccines).

67.  I breastfed CT for 3+ months. Again, needed medical intervention for supply but it still dried up. HT didnt want the breast but no one told me that those born early, sometimes dont latch right away. So I had given up. With OC, I didnt even try more for convenience than anything else. I wish I had breastfed them all more if I could have. 

68.  I was excited for each kid to start preschool, for graduation of preschool, and for starting kindergarten. I didnt shed any tears yet (but I still have OC to graduate and start Kindie so we'll see). I did cry when CT's clothes no longer fit on the little hangers and I had to move all his clothes onto hangers that are the same size that hold me & Tommy's clothes. 

69. I am a complete Momma Bear and no one messes with my kidlets!

70. I think birthdays should celebrate each child so we dont buy many presents at all. Instead, we have a party per each child's request (and usually here at home) and their actually birthday is spent doing whatever they want. They can choose the zoo, or go to the pool, or play on a certain playground. They choose where they want to go to eat and what their special dessert is. When kids remember back on their birthdays, the may not remember the presents but they remember the things we did and how much they are loved. 

100 Things About Me :: Surprise!!!

"Continue to surprise those who have put you into a neat demographic." I'm doing just that. Enjoy!

71. I am very shy.

72. I broke-up with J after almost 4 years together to start dating a girl named M. We dated for about 2 years.

73. I was 12 when I got my contacts. It was summer between sixth grade and 7th grade. I got my hair cut and got a new wardrobe. One day my friend and I went to the mall. We flirted with guys and one guy came over to us. We talked a bit and he asked for my number. I gave it to him. Come to find out on the phone, he was 17 and he thought i was like 16. Yeah, not so much. I was only 12-1/2!

74. I met Steven Tyler. I hugged him, kissed him, and had him sign my leather Keds sneaker I was wearing at the time. Where did I meet him? Rehab! I was visiting open of my brother's in rehab and he was there to talk to the adolescents. It was him and the guys. i remember a lot about that day and how some members stormed off because they weren't greeted with as much love as Steven. But I remember the optimism he instilled in all those he spoke to about being clean (kind of a joke these days, huh?)

75. I was a Girl Scout Brownie. I was also a Boy Scout. I also helped for many years with Scouting for the Handicapped and I miss the annual camping trip. There is nothing like making those kids (and adults) smile and make them feel like they can achieve anything and  are just the same as everyone else even if just for a weekend.

76. I lived on the same street at the same time as Matthew Broderick & Sarah Jessica Parker. 

77. Last movie I saw in the theater was Cars in June of 2006. Before that, was Harry Potter in 2001! This Friday, we're breaking the streak with Green Lantern! 

78. In 98' to impress Tommy, I learned the fast-paced  part of "Ants Marching" (" Candyman teasing the thoughts of a/ Sweet tooth tortured by weight loss..."). Then semi-recently, I learned the Green Lantern oath to impress him (In brightest day, in blackest night...)

79. They say everyone has someone who looks like them somewhere, a doppelganger. I found mine and oddly, she's one of my best friends. We looks so similar that our kids get confused when we're together.

80. I am both a nerd and a geek and proud of both!

100 Things About Me :: My Firsts

No one can possibly know what is about to happen: it is happening, each time, for the first time, for the only time." Below are some of mine. My first...

81. Friend: Mary Anne - she lived next door. I remember helping her get out of her crib. I was 22 months older. She moved when I was in 1st grade (she was in Kindergartner) to South Carolina. Her dad had to move. He worked for Michelin. I hated that fat, puffy Michelin man so much growing up - he took my best friend away!

82. Sport: Softball. I was Right field until they realized I was an awesome catcher. I played for 3 years before moving on to bowling and twirling.

83. Kiss: Andrew W - at his Bar Mitzvah so I am sure my 1st kiss is recorded on video tape. I will say, I remember it as being so sweet and beautiful.

84. Pet: Heidi our Golden Retriever - she was there when I was born.

85. Time at Disney: I was 12 and went with my Dad in my Popa's small RV. It was magical.

86. Job: Cashier at East Meadow Farms at age 14. 

87. Time I had sex: I was 2 months shy of 16. I was in a condo in Florida with my now ex. My parents were at some conference with my brother whom we were visiting. Supposedly it was his 1st time as well. It was beautiful. We stayed together for another 3+ years. 

88. Surgery: Never had one unless you count removal of my wisdom teeth or my sutures after giving birth.

89. Car: The one that was/is mine is my Volkswagen Routan.

90. Album owned: "MTV's Music To Go: Volume 1." It was a cassette tape and it the 1st one that was all mine, not a kids tape, and was for my new boom box.

100 Things About Me :: Random Information

So much of life is determined by pure randomness. Here is some of my randomness.

91. I whole-heatedly believe my husband and I are meant to be together. He tests me like the devil tested so many. But I think I am meant to help change him, make him be a better person and potentially get him closer to God.

92. While I break out in hives at the drop of a hat, I've never gotten poison ivy and oddly, I dont think I'm allergic to it!

93. I laugh a lot. Not because I am a happy person per se, but because my body's reaction to things is to laugh. When I'm scared, I laugh. When I'm embarrassed, I laugh. When I and super sad, I laugh. I laugh at funerals. I think my body laughs to not cry which is funny because I cry. A LOT.

94. I got my Driver's Licence when I was 30. Before that I only had learner's permits. It's not that I failed the big tests or anything.. I was too scared to take them.

95. I hate knick-knacks. They collect dust.

96. I am dyslexic.

97. I started college as someone half-way through their sophomore year.

98. I dont have a mouse on my computer. I use a tablet and a stylus and hate using mice because I have become so accustomed to this.

99. I definitely take on more things than I should. I think my life needs to be "over booked" in order for me to function properly.

100. I have a weird sense of music. I can sing along to songs I am hearing for the 1st time. My baby has the same talent.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Heard at My House...

CT looking through a car book and talking to his brothers:

“Look at that Dodge Viper! Ain’t she beauuuuutiful? [insert wolf whistle here].”

a minute later… “Look at those rims! Those are reeeeeally something!”

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Heard at My House...err, the Park

We went to party at a local park for our friend. She had asked me about cupcakes but I told her: "Kids dont care what they taste like, go to Harris Teeter.  Plus they'll be much cheaper" Well, money is money so she had ordered one from HT. My guess is 24 cupcakes and I think it cost 16 bucks which compared to my $24.00 for a dozen is cheaper.
Kids were happy with the cupcakes... well.. most of them.
OC comes over and hands me a cupcake with the gummy worm missing (duh!) and 1 lick gone.

He states and I quote (tom can vouch - he heard it): "Mom, this cupcake is horwibble!" And he said it with such conviction!

He is indeed my child.... a cupcake snob!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Boo! Don't be scared of a rescue!

Isn't this ad gorgeous?
No I didnt create it although I wish I could claim I did.
Only connection I have to it is it's my brother's rescue dog.
They wanted another Golden and instead of going through a breeder and getting a puppy, They opted to wait for a rescue.
They go Boo about 2 months ago.
he is awesome!
But this is him in the ad and it's just too gorgeous NOT to share!\
And I'am all for rescuing animals and going through shelters (ask any of my animals).

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

HeroesCon 2011 Complete Wrap-up

Let me start out with our Hotel. Instead of the Westin (which we stayed at last year and is the "official hotel of the convention") we opted for cheaper. We Priceline'd it and got the Hilton garden Inn for under $60.00 a night! The Hilton garden is right next to the NASACR Hall of Fame. Basically, we walk a bit more than from the Westin but we're closer to air conditioning so the walk was easier with kids. Plus parking was cheaper, free wi-fi, and all around a way better value and experience. I totally recommend! Here are 2 room pictures. I should addd when Tom went to check-in he asked for 2 queen beds. Then he asked how much it cost to upgrade to a suite. They bumped us up for free! So we had a 2 room suite for under 60 bucks! Score!

Each Day has a separate post & shows who they feature:

Jamie Cosley | Chris Giarrusso | Gregg Schigiel | S.L. Gallant | Andy Runton | Rob Anderson | Jon Gray | Mike Norton | Chris Uminga | Todd Degazo | Evan Dorkin
Jamie Cosley | Chris Giarrusso |  Gregg Schigiel | S.L. Gallant  | Rob Anderson | Scott Kolins | Adam Warrock | Danielle Soloud | Beck Seashols | Skottie Young
Andy Belanger, | Bill Meiggs | Sanford Greene


All-in-all a great con yet again! 
Thanks to everyone who made it special! 
Next year is their 30th anniversary and we will surely be there!