Thursday, November 17, 2011

Don't Challenge me!

That's right!
You heard me!
Don't propose a possible challenge and then step away!

Short story.
Tom tweeted this morning about wondering why in the south there is nothing made with Slim Jims.
A follower/friend added and why not Cheerwine.
Tom replied with a "quick, get on that" in regards to a Cheerwine gravy.
I was intrigued and joked about it but more thought I could totally do that.
If I had time I was totally gonna try to make something.
Then I checked my twitter feed and saw that a guy had responded that owns a series of highly successful restaurants. He said he'd love to see the final product.


I am currently looking for an appropriate hashtag for this challenge.

My brain is bouncing all around. I have a few ideas of what would make a good dish with each ingredient but bringing the 2 together is more the issue... I have 1 idea that would do just that. If it goes as planned in my head, I'll be a happy cat. :)

I will keep you posted!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankful Wall 2011

If anyone reading this remembers, we do a thankful wall each year. I cover a small wall in my house with super large paper and each day we add what we are thankful for. After Thanksgiving, I fold it up and save it for future perusal.

Well, this year's wall is well underway. I dont so the big reveal until it's complete but here's a sneak peek: