Wednesday, May 2, 2012


2. Picture yourself at your child's age(s). Try to remember how you felt.

Me at 4: My passion & Love was my Cabbage Patch Kid, Jenny Bethany. My best friend was MaryAnne next door and we played, and played together for hours on end. 

Me at 6: I was loud and active. I did Brownies, and MaryAnne was still my bestie. I loved my CPS and Barbies but I was completely a tomboy and also liked to play with Derek across the street.

Me at 8: I had already learned about bullying and was semi-friendless because I was a 'nerd' and wore glasses. MaryAnne moved to SC and the closest friend I had became Derek. I read the entire set of World Book encyclopedias and yearbooks the summer I was 8. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


1. Ask yourself: " What is one thing that we can do together this month?"

Such a question gets more complicated with each additional child you have. Feel free to interpret this question as you wish; either "we" as in mom and all kids -or- "we" as in mom and each kid individually. 

My answer to today's challenge is make sure each kid can choose a game to play with mom. They set the rules as to if they want to allow their brothers to play with us but they don't have to. They can have just one-on-one mom game time if they desire. Once I announce this, I guarantee I will be playing games all day that same day (which might be today).


May is the month of Mom. 
It's the one month where there is one day to celebrate all we do as moms. One single, lonely day for others to show appreciation for what we put up with do.
I have a challenge for myself and for all you moms with a big to-do list. Somethings you may do already. Somethings make you think. Somethings may be a challenge.
Take the time to challenge yourself as a mother. 


It's May. May is CT's birthday. It's HT's birthday. My nephew's birthday. A bunch of the kids' friends' birthdays. There is the Mother's Day tea where i am hosting not 1 but 2 tables. Then Mother's Day. And End of preschool. End of the year for MOW (mom's group I am president of). Memorial Day of course.... Yeah. May is slightly packed. Add in the fact that the kids are tracked out for another 2 weeks and we have a bunch of appointments (dentists & doctors) made for while they're out. Oh and Boy Scout stuff (end of year coming soon). PHEW! And oddly, I've been on a cleaning streak where I am moving furniture and DEEP cleaning closets and bins and I'm insane!

I do have 2 plans. 1 I decided early last month and that is a special mom thing to do/blog every day for a month. The other was early this morning. I am giving up all HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) stuff for a month. That means the can of soda I opened will be drank by a child and I will stare at labels. I'm good at following through with things for the kids but when it comes to me, I fall to the wayside.

So follow my 'mothering" journey and watch for more posts when kids track back in.