Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's been HOW long?

You can always tell when I get slammed with work: paid, pro bono, and real life "stuff"
I know it's no excuse, but I thought maybe I can "show" you a little of why I have been busy. Being able to actually see something, makes it seem more real and not just an excuse.

made a "save the date" card for a non-profit event

Not only did I make the flyer for the MOW kick-off event, I am running the event.
Keep in mind there were about 6000 fliers printed out that had to be delivered!
Also, designed our new logo and re-designed the whole webpage at

Of course an invite or 2 has been thrown in. I've done Audrey's for the last bunch of years. They family keeps coming back because they love how custom the work is and how it really represents their children. Notice kid sister barbie and how she looks like the girl in the picture? :) 

I made cakes and cupcakes a decent amount as well.
My 2 bigger cakes were a Spongebob Squarepants themed 2-tiered cake and a ballerina cake.
The ballerina cake was about 8" high and 8" across.
marble cake with vanilla buttercream and vanilla marshmallow fondant.
It has edible peals all around it and ribbon-work covered with pearl dust.
Back of cake made it lok like it was ribbon corsetted.
It was complete with a tutu cake board I made for the client. 
(please note - cake is straight and level, picture makes it look as if it's not - picture provided by party guest)

So just a taste of Why I haven't blogged.
I know I posted Day 1 of my trip and stopped there. 
Hoping to get the rest up and such but it was a long, not-so-bumpy ride!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Road Trip: Day 3

Day 3 we spent as a family (well, George worked during the day and Lisa had to sleep because she works at night and needed to sleep at least a little bit).
We went to a local park that has a small zoo and a bunch of playgrounds. Got some great pictures there and spent some great time with most all of my nieces (the oldest is 16 and getting too cool for that sort of thing - so 3 out of 4 is still a big win for me)!
We had pizza & wings for dinner (thanks Dad!).
Kids got Uncle George to play guitar for them and sing and they think he's is just way too cool!

I just loved this one.
Elisabeth & Brianna helping OC with mulch in his shoes.


Hunter said, "Take a picture of me. I'm being God."
Not sure if that's cute or sacrilegious. I took it as cute.
A great shot of the kids - if only McKayla were in it....
Another sweet shot!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Baking Tip: Keep the scraps

After your level off a cake or carve it, keep the scraps. Put them in a plastic baggie, get as much air out as you can, and freeze. When you need a quick treat, use the cake scraps to make cake balls or cake pops! Great place to use leftover buttercream you dont know what to do with (I get left with colored buttercream I may not know what to do with otherwise so cake balls/pops are a great way to use scraps & leftover buttercream).

So how do you make cake balls/pops?
Crumble room-temperature cake.
mix with frosting (canned or homemade)
Roll mix into 1" balls & lay on cookie sheet.
chill for several hours (you can freeze if you're in a hurry)
melt chocolate (or other flavor bark)
roll balls in bark and lay on waxed paper. If doing pops place sticks and balls and dip into bark and lay on wax paper.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Road Trip: Day 2

back posting these so they are in order :)

We all had so much fun at my friend Melissa's house.
It was so great to see her and the girls (and her hubby too). It's nice to catch up and I wish we could do it more often!

We left her area at about 9am. Headed up through the rest of Maryland, through Delaware, up through Jersey., pointing out everything I remembered along the way. When we got close to NY, I pointed out the Jets/Giants complex to CT (the only one awake at this point). Then started being able to see more "city" stuff.
I woke up HT as we were getting ready to go over the GWB (George Washington Bridge). Again, I pointed out the NY skyline best I could while driving alone through NY.
I should add that it was a piece of cake driving over there. I think it's just in my blood. I actually enjoyed it.
We hit no traffic, like at all!
We stopped at a rest stop in Connecticut to get dinner. They dont' get McDonald's very much at all, so McD's it was! I set a 15-minute limit on the bathroom break and eating. I just wanted to get to my brother's!

We arrive in North Attleboro just before 5:00 (with less than 1/16th tank of gas).

It was so great to see everyone! Lisa made pasta, sauce & meatballs. There was salad and bread, too! yum! We just hung out and talked... and then went to bed.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Road Trip 2011: Day 1

We left the house a tad late but before 8:30 we were on our way. Showing the kids cool things like the Marlboro plant and various buildings. We saw them repolacing the paper on a billboard. That was kinda cool.

My heart RACED as we took a slight detour to FedEx field. I never went to redskins Stadium before and I literally squealed with delight driving up! CT thought i was crazy.. he's only partially correct ;) We stopped, took a few pictures, got some video, walked around the store (the kids wanted EVERYTHING!) and then we went back to the car where I handed them peanut butter sandwiches and we were on our way.

I had to get some gas midway, but we headed straight then to the other side of Maryland to my childhood BFF's house. We had to cross the Bay-Bridge and the kids thought it was the greatest thing ever! We arrived and kids having been having a blast with her 2 girls. We were in their pool, and they're playing with toys and they have been thoroughly entertained. YAY!