Wednesday, June 15, 2011

100 Things About Me :: Things I dislike

"From the deepest desires often come the deadliest hate." I've learned that I dont hate things I say I hate. I just immensely dislike them. I do in fact believe in true hatred. If you believe there is a true love, a person you were meant for, who compliments your soul, who lifts you up, who really shows you what the word love is - then, you must believe in hate. A true hate. Something that makes you feel black inside. Something that you cannot control, like your blood boils within. You can not control love, you cannot control hate. I've had a lot of people do terribly things to me. I used to hate them but it wans't true hate and I have since forgiven enough to move on and not let it affect my life. But I sadly, have met my true hate. Even worse off, it's my cousin. We'll just say this is probably the 1st and only time you will hear me mention that I have a 1st cousin named K. I hate her. I know it's un-Christian-like and all that but my insides cannot control it. Anyway, there are things in my life that I more than dont care for like..

21. Beets. completely eww! 

22. Bugs that can make me itch. Spiders, ants, Gnats... anything that bites or makes someone itch freaks me out. I'm okay with caterpillar and moths and the like.. again, just things that make me itch!

23. The smell of bell peppers. The mere smell makes me literally sick to my stomach. a strong enough smell will have me heading to the bathroom to throw-up. I'm allergic to them and my body knows it.

24. Crowds. Probably because I am claustrophobic but I dont like crowded places. I start to get panic attacks before things like a concert thinking about the amount of people there. 

25. Straight-brimmed hats. The brim of a baseball-type hat is supposed to be curved, very curved, so it can shield out sun. These "kids" wearing the brims straight as can be look completely assinine. In the same breath, I hate them worn anything but straight-forward unless you're a cute kid wearing Daddy's hat.

26. Liars.

27. Uni. Uni is Sea Urchin. It tastes like the foulest sea water. It's just nasty. The consistency is squishy. Reminds me of a brain (I bet a brain is former then this tough). I am getting nauseous just thinking about it and typing this out!

28. The 'taste' of meat & poultry. I eat it if disguised enough. I am not a fan of  teh actual meat flavor and hate the taste of chicken. If I had more money, I would totally go back to being a vegetarian, well primarily.

29. Tom's Parenting. Big guy, super-short fuse. It's just insane how quick he gets mad at things that all kids do. Blowing bubbles in your milk may be annoying but it's a kids right of passage. We have wonderful, smart, courteous children and he can't see any of that - all he sees are the negatives. How can you enjoy who they are when all you see are the things they do wrong? 

30. Super Spicy things. I can handle the heat I just dont understand - why? The heat covers up any flavor an item has. Stick the habeñero on something that  tastes foul - you'd never know how bad it tastes. Dont put spicy stuff on chicken wings, or soup... If I ordered soup, I want soup and I want to be able to taste it not drink a bowl of fire. 

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