Monday, January 3, 2011

Manic Monday | Not so Manic

I was dreading today. Kids were off for at least 2 weeks and today was the 1st day back. 1st day back to getting up, getting cleaned-up and dressed, fed, and ready to leave the house by 8:30am. Luckily it all came together this morning. I didnt forget anyone's anything including lunch money, or pills or socks. We were even a few minutes early!

I dreaded today because I feared I was getting sick. I guess the way I tried to nurse myself by sleeping as much as possible and taking tons of vitamin C helped because I feel almost "normal". I felt fine and better than I have in a week (although still not "normal").

So we left the house, and started the carpool routine. Kids dropped off, O and I went to the mall to meet Ms. Danielle and the boys. We played in the playground and then took an unexpected ride in the train around the mall. The boys were thrilled. We then wet to lunch at the food court and i let O get McDonald's so he could get the Bakugan toy from the kids meal. He was elated. He tried to pee while we were at lunch but he couldn't.

After we picked up H, we came home and he said he had to pee, so I helped him with his pants and he went pee in the potty. We're almost completely done potty-training which is a wonderful thing. After more than 6-1/2 years of changing at least 1 children's diaper (and half the time there were 2 is diapers) everyday, this is nice. Saves money too which is desperately needed.

So I type this while O is napping in his bed.... I put on "The Neverending Story" on for H but he fell asleep... 2 kids asleep with the 3rd in school + all 3 kitties sleeping = not so manic Monday. Not too bad for the 1st Monday of the new year.

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