Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wake County Schools | Addendum 1

I needed to add this (and probably more throughout the day).

My husband works his tail off. He works so we can keep our house. The house WE chose to live in for the school. We could have gotten a house for $100K+ less but school was important. So we fight for this house to be with this school. Each day is a struggle to keep this house, but it's one we make for our children. We want the best education.

If school B isnt good, why not fix school B?

I got some tweets about how I dont see the other side and how "you honestly think it's good for your white/black child to go to say an all white/black school? that doesn't equate to real world make up and I want the most well rounded child I can get."

How on earth does going to a more diverse "colored" school make you more well-rounded? I wen to a "white" school. Can I not relate to other people? My husband was the only white kid in his graduating class. Is he at a disadvantage?

Real World? Really? They dont balance things out everywhere. "Sorry, ma'am. I can't let you buy that coat. 7 white people bought it and it's time for  black person to buy it!" "Sorry, you cant come into this movie theater, we have a limit on how many of each race are in here." There is a theater for you 45 minutes away and you pass 10 others before getting there but that's your only bet".

GET REAL! Seriously! Life is not fair. I am not saying keep someone down per say but you cant bring everyone else down just because someone else can't get up.

"the greatest ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about"  - EXACTLY! I am not ignorant on the subject - Just because I disagree doesn't mean I am blind. Who said I know nothing about being poor? My family always struggled. I was told no to most things growing up. We had 1 car for most years. I had to have 2 parents work.

OK, leaving to bring kids to schools.

Feel free to leave your death threats.

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