Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Regis Steps Down - End of an Era

I grew up on Long Island (near NYC). I remember Regis back in the day. I remember the LOCAL show he was on - that it was only the Tri-State area that saw Regis and his co-hosts. Kathie Lee surely did work the best and after a few years, the show went national and is pretty much the show you see today. When Kathie Lee left in 2000, Kelly seemed like an odd paring but they 2 worked so incredibly (and oddly) well.

This morning, at the start of the show during their normal bantering, Regis told the viewers that at the end of the summer (no date announced), he'd be stepping down from the show. He deserves it. Him and Joy can just relax and enjoy life - well, amidst the other "gigs" he picks up.

Granted I dont get to watch adult programming, especially morning stuff, these days, but Regis will be greatly missed!

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