Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Resolutions 2011

Ok, I will admit I am writing this post at 11:38 (start time) on New Year's Eve and I am kind of toasted.... :)

I resolve this:
- To Blog Regularly: Monday is Manic Monday (kind of whatever I want to talk about from the past weekend), Tuesday is Top Tuesday (my top something list), Wednesday is Wordless Wednesday (sometimes pictures are better than words), Thursday is Thankful Thursday (something I am thankful for), and Friday is Flashback Friday (we'll take a look back at something be it a year ago or 30 years ago.. whatever I feel like).

Can I stick to it for at least a month? We'll just have to see!

Now off to pee (TMI sorry) and drink another Smirnoff Classic Lemonade with 11 minutes to go before the ball drops.

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