Friday, January 14, 2011

I didnt break my promise..... on purpose.

I said I'd blog every weekday. This week there were no posts. I had good reason. I was stricken to the couch for days on end. I had my iPhone next to me and barely even touched it. I plan on doing today's post if kids cooperate. I bring the littlest one in at 10:20 to the pediatrician. I normally dont bing kids in just for a fever or a cough but he has both and it's a Friday. I seem to always screw myself by waiting and thinking the same way... "it's only a cough (or fever) so why go in?!" Only to have Saturday come and some kid is worse and now only options are after hours care or an ER.... so I was being proactive and bringing him in. He's not happy about it but I will have peace of mind. Then at 12:00 I pick up H and we'll see how the day goes. I will make it up - I promise!

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