Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top Tuesday | Birthday Edition

Today is my 1st Top Tuesday and today is also my 33rd birthday! So today's list will be:

Top 5 Birthday Smiles I've had:
In no particular order here are some things associated with my birthday that make me smile

(5) My mom's potato pancakes (aka latkes). I have never tried to make these. Why? My mom makes them perfect and that's what I ask for every year. I know i can make them just the same but it special for me and I look forward to them for my birthday dinner every year. I drool just thinking about them!

(4) For my 30th, we went to a Hibachi grill with the kids, my parents, my brother's family and a family friend (and her other half and kid)... The fact that they were all there for me was wonderful. I was 36 weeks preggers at the time with O. Before dinner, I went to Build-a-Bear and built my 30th birthday bear.

(3) My bears... I have a 30th bear as said in #4, a 21st bear, but it all started with my 18th birthday bear. He was from FAO Schwarz in NYC. We went into NY to eat at the Harley-Davidson cafe (they had the best Mac & Cheese) and we went to FAO. The bear is just a black bear with a maroon ribbon around his neck. he had a pendant that said FAO on it but I dont know what happened to that. Actually, the bear is in hiding now... but having milestone bears makes me smile as they sit on my dresser :)

(2) Getting Cookiepuss! In NY we saw Carvel commercials all the time. They had these cookiepuss cakes. They were on the large size and a little bit pricey. No one ever got them in our family... one year, I did! I remember them brining out that cake! I was in 2nd grade (so I turned 8) and I was so proud!

Me on my birthday with my brother, George.
Man this picture seems like so long ago.
I mean look at George...
 Peroxided mullet, AC/DC Cut-off sweatshirt, & a skank-tash.
My CPK doll is Jenny Bethany. She was like new.

(1) Miss Jess sent me 3 cupcake ornaments... 2 of which are so non-Christmas they are going to be hanging in my kitchen all year long! The fact that she thought of me when we don't normally exchange presents is like over-the-top sweet and I am so happy to have them (I got them in the  mail January 3rd!)


Jessica said...

I'm glad you liked your cupcakes. Once I saw them I knew you had to have them! Happy Birthday hope you have a great day/year!!!

Samantha Lee said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a fantastic day...and can I just say I LOVE your writing style. It sounds as if I am talking to you right on the phone!