Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday | I'm a woman

I am thankful to be of the female species.
Granted we have to deal with pesky periods and then going through menopause.
Some of us have to deal with shirts never fitting right because our chests are too big.
But really, how can I complain?

I dont have to have something dangling between my legs. I just simply can't imagine that.
I cant imagine people suddenly knowing when I was sexually aroused (thank goodness because they'd wonder why I'm not locked up).
I love bearing children. It's seriously a wonderful experience that I wish everyone could have.
I can't imagine being that hairy.

What prompted this being Thankful Thursday worthy?
My husband being sick.

Yes, he was very ill.
It was the flu.
I's not a pleasant thing to have.
Know how I know? He got it from me!
Days earlier there I was... Fighting with the massive headache, making sure when i left the house to get kids to school that I had a cup and a towel in case i puked while waiting in carpool. I had to fight through my crap and deal with life. I slept when I could and all but I trooped on. My mom did take the kids one day so I could rest. She came at 1:00 and took the 2 of them and then CT went to her house after school. Keep in mind, nobody but me was sick so it was also an effort to keep others healthy.
When hubby got sick, his throat bothered him a little.
I knew what was to come - yes, he came home from work early and spent the next day in bed all day.
Yes this is fine but he barely moved at all all-day long.
Just seeing him reconfirmed my previous thought that women are stronger then men.

Oh, you want another example?
Tom got snipped - we're done with kids.
He was in bed for days and  it really affected him (meaning it wasn't a painless quick heal sort of thing).

I can honestly say, I felt no sympathy!
After baby #1, I was up and functioning like right away - nurses and doctors were amazed.
After baby #2, I had to pack up & move a house. We packed up a house and left from NY to NC when he was 8 days old. Who did just about all the packing? me!
After baby #3, I was back to myself the quickest although tired.
When he got snipped it was like, "man up. i had 3 kids. deal."

So yeah, we're stronger mentally. We're stronger in a pain sense.... We're women and I'm proud and thankful to be one!

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