Friday, January 7, 2011

Flashback Friday | Scotty is still Too Hotty!

When I was younger, around age 11, I liked the then-WWF-now-WWE wrestling. My dad used to bring me to Nassau Coliseum to see the shows (Nassau Coliseum was about 5 minutes for my house). He did great with seating. He'd get aisle seats right next to the entrance/exit tunnel so I was always SO close to the guys. It was a lot less showy back then compared to now. They guys would hang out near the tunnel entrances, waiting for their upcoming matches just watching what was going on out there in the ring. Usually they were themselves instead of being in character which was so cool to see. 

As I said, my Dad hooked me up with good seats. I've had my head licked by a Bushwhacker. I noted how much better "Ravishing" Rick Rude looked not in character - dressed in street clothes with a cowboy hat, he looked good - and was soooo nice. I saw Rowdy Roddy Piper come out in an Islanders jersey with a hockey mask & chainsaw during a 19-man Bunkhouse Brawl, which he won since he scared the other participants away. I can still hear the sound of the chainsaw in the coliseum and smell the smell of it. What a great night! I've seen just about all the big guys and the little guys from 1989-1992. I went to every show they had there which was about 7 shows a year. I am proud to say that I've seen Hulk at his prime, got to see Andre the Giant up close, been so close to Koko B. Ware's parrot, been kinda scared of Jake Roberts' snake, and i just have so many memories. I was scrolling through a list of shows from the years I attended and memories came flooding back of the smells, the lights, the rawness of it. 

Before I entered high school in 1992, I had left wrestling behind me. I kind of was a bit into other things more girly. I started re-watching it ever so slightly between then and 1997. Then, I met Tom who was an avid wrestling fan... not just the main stuff but indie stuff and japanese stuff and I liked him. So, some of his wrestling was entering back into my life. I was, and still am, a MASSIVE Mick Foley fan. Been to every book signing he had when we lived on long island. I was Mankind for Halloween one year. My kids still playt with my wrestling figure of him that I got over 10 years ago. While I couldn't watch all of Mick's stuff (not a fan of fighting gore), I appreciated it and he had a fan in me. I watched teh rest and cheered and bood for people but I wasn't hooked on anyone. Evenas a kid, I wans't sooooo into someone, until.....

Scotty 2 Hotty!

Yeah, he was awesome! He was so freaking good looking and I loved the persona he gave off! FOr Christmas '99 Tom got me a Too Cool jersey. I loved that thing. 

In May 2000, I went back to Nassau Coliseum for a WWE event with Tom. We did the dinner-thing before hand and stood in line so I could get autographs from Too Cool. All I really wanted was to see Scotty. I was so nervous because there he was! Right in front of me! Yikes! I will admit I was also happy to see the Hardys. Of of them even loved my shirt. Tom knew his stuff and we had good seats. Crappy camera since it was 2000 and we used a disposable one but here are a few pictures to Flashback to. 


Too Cool!

Me at the show

Now, Tom, aka @MrWorkrate, follows a bunch of wrestlers on twitter. Well, he has reconnected me with @TheScotty2Hotty. Scott is just as cool as I thought he was. He's a hard-working loving father who actually interacts with his twitter followers.

I will admit, Scotty is still too hotty!

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