Friday, January 14, 2011

Flashback Friday | Dated Picture 1

I might flashback at times just to a picture and point out how & why it's so dated. see this picture.....

FYI: this picture is from Halloween 1983. I was Princess Leia.

It looks innocent enough but here is why it's totally dated. Please note: I loved my room. I loved yellow. I was  a huge Tomboy but still loved girly things. I wanted to be Holly Hobby or Princess Leia... i couldn't decide who would be cooler to be. 

1. Who hangs a barbie-style doll up on a wall? And Seriously? Is that doll wearing a crocheted dress and matching sun hat? Dude! Look at the curls in her hair! That alone let's you know how dated that is. 

2. The hair. OK, MY oldest is in 1st grade. I have another kid getting ready to enter Kindie in a few months. I can honestly say, I have not seen any girls older than 3 wear pigtails. I wore pigtails all the time. Frequently braided. Again, I loved it but you just do see that these days. Girls wear their hair down, or with barrettes in sweep-over sort of fashion, or use headbands or just a single ponytail (which is usually how I wear mine now). In Kindie & 1st grade, pig-tails were pretty much my staple. Oh how times have changed. You don't send a 6-year to school with pigtails anymore unless it's pajama day or something.

3. It's hard to see unless you view the original picture in original size. It's a pom pom creature. Remember those? They were pom poms with googly eyes, sometimes with antennae sometimes with a hat but always with these pleathery, foam feet that had adhesive in one side. This one had a NY Telephone  (yes NY Telephone! That alone dates it) hard hat on. I haven't seen or thought about these things in years but they used to be everywhere as giveaways. here's a better look at one...

4. That is just a totally 70's/80's sweat suit right there. They just don't make them like that anymore. Now they have such style - back then they were to the point... Sweat material, all the same cut regardless of sex of age, same pattern on chest just varying in color.

5. Holly hobby! While she is making a comeback thanks to parents who are my age, that's an original Holly Hobby picture right there. Notice her more prairie-like appearance then versus now.

6. Dude.. it's a bear in overalls. Just look at that bear! I think it speaks volumes for it's age.

7. The headboard. It matched my dresser & desk & nightstand. All painted white. All had these flower decals. You'd soak the decals in water and then apply them to the paint and viola! I don't think they sell that stuff anymore... It seemed cool back then and my mom made all my stuff match nicely.

8. You don't see gingham much anymore for starters. Secondly, Do they even sell ruffly pillowcase covers? Those were on like every girls bed. All bed sets came with those covers.... I haven't seen them in a long time... then again, my kids are boys.

9. If you're not living in a log cabin, ya don't have "wood" walls these days. We didn't then either... It was wonderful wood paneling - makes it look like wood planks but it's really just panels that are put up and acts the way wallpaper does. I have even seen paneling sold anymore at least here in NC.... not that I'm looking. It used to be a big thing... Yeah, not so much these days.

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