Monday, May 23, 2011

Landfill Park - Really?

Yup. You have read that correctly. Here in North Raleigh there is a whole park on an old landfill. Some parts are still functioning like the old tire part (which is fun to watch) but now there is a cool playground, picnic areas, and a bunch of walking trails. Who knew a pile of trash could be so fun!

We discovered the place well over a year ago. The playground is awesome since it's designed for older kids. Here are 2 of my spider-men.

And, yes, the  Spider-Kids are wearing Batman & Green Lantern Shirts.
The baby (not pictured) is in his Flash shirt.
What I didn't know existed there was a trail.. A trail that leads t the top of a mountain (aka garbage pile) that has benches and rest area and an awesome view of the surrounding areas. Even though we're still far from Downtown Raleigh, We could see the skyline. It was a pleasant find that I only learned about since there was a cache up there (we found it of course).

Panoramic-Style picture of skyline unzoomed.

Skyline - Zoomed. 
CT & OC found the cache and are ready to head back down the trail.

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