Monday, May 9, 2011

Lady Bug Tea Table

This is my first table. It was for the Mother's Day Tea at Richland Creek Community Church in Raleigh/Wake Forest,  NC. I should have taken more pictures but at least I got 1. I did take pictures of every one of the 60+ tables so :) I think it came together nicely. It was more of a whimsical theme than a traditional one. I tried to add elegance but knowing half of m table was kids, I needed to keep a nice balance. People came early to walk around and view the tables. My mom's was beside mine so I kind of stayed more near hers since my niece was there too. People didn't know that I was the owner of that Lady Bug table. I heard the comments and they were all awesome! One duo said "I still love this Lady Bug table the best" and 3 young girls asked for their picture to be taken with my table. I was a proud peacock and I look forward to doing at least 1 table next year as well as at Christmas!

For a link to see all the tables, view it's picasa album HERE.

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sazzifrazz said...

Your table came out really cute. I like teh butterfly table also, with the fence on the table.