Monday, May 9, 2011

Geocaching adventures of EdwardsX5

3 boys signing a log
Sometimes the search results in some not so happy results:
 This was one was missing except for an empty baggie.
Here, my goofs are giving arms to Venus. 

CT found this by himself. 

See the drain? Barely? EXACTLY!
It was about 4 inches thick of wet nasty leaves. I was NOT attempting  that!
This is the whole dead end. It used to be clear but now used for garbage and rotting trees. I saw an old exercise set, 2 old strollers and LOTS of trees and leaves with massive ants of black and red. OC screamed loudly a few times before running as fast as he could back to the Roo. I'll attempt this again in a few months and see if they have it cleaned up. It might be a lost cause - wading through garbage is not my idea of a fun cache. 

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