Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Done at My House

What does having 3 boys mean?
Triple the trouble of course!

We've had this Step2 Table for years. It's supposed to house sand on one side and water on the other. I've tried a few times but my kids are destructive monsters. I dont know how the kids in the ad play so nicely but mine are the anti-version of that! So for 99.55 of the time, they play with it dry (when they play with it).

Tom was out mowing and they wanted to be outside. I decided to clean the dirty table they were playing with. I thought I'd surprise them and fill it up with blue water. Then I grabbed a huge tub of oatmeal for the other side.

It kept them quiet for A WHILE.. until HT came in.

HT: "MOMMMMM! CT peed in the water!"
Me: "WHAT?"
HT: "CT peed in the water on the table"
CT: "HT told me to!"

Keep in mind CT is 3 weeks shy of turning SEVEN! This kid just peed in the play water! So I drained the water and CT spent time in his room and was not allowed back outside.

Seriously, only MY kids do crap like this, right?

It was nice until the pee though.... see?

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