Friday, May 20, 2011

A Kirby Krackle Birthday?

For those of you who do not know, Kirby Krackle is an amazing band. They play "nerd rock".
They are out of Seattle and are the one thing this family can always agree upon.
HT asked for a Kirby Krackle party. 
He wanted Kyle & Jim to come too but alas, Seattle is a bit far from Raleigh.

HT's 3rd birthday party was a super hero party.
I made capes for each child and it was fun.
HT's 4th birthday was a Rock Star party.
We had a stage and it was quite cute to watch the kids perform.
HT is turning 5 this year and this party is kind of a mash-up of his last 2... kind of.

So how does one throw a Kirby Krackle party? Well....
Here's some of our decor.

1. From the styling of their name on their 1st album cover (and in well, Kirby Krackle style), I designed a happy birthday banner with Kirby Krackle.
2. A 5 foot super hero banner to greet you as you walk in the door... and above the food table.
3. A Sign out front telling those VIPs (everyone had a ticket) to follow the red carpet in (red wrapping paper draped down the steps.
4. HT's red super cape hung up.
5. A custom picture of HT as a Zombie done by the amazing artist, Damon O'Keefe, who did the animation for Kirby Krackle's "Zombie Apocalypse".
6. We downloaded the Kirby Krackle songs from the xBox Live network for Rockband. The kids were going to be able to sing, play guitars and bang on the drums to KK. Notice the album covers on each side of the screen too.

And I bet you're wondering what food could possibly be good for a KK party.
1. Dinner was heroes (aka grinders, subs, hoagies). I made Italian Heroes, Turkey & cheese, & Ham & Swiss. They were divine!
2. How cool are these jello squares? With all hose colors, The Lantern Corps just screamed out to me. I was tempted to line the plate with the various rings but I didnt want them in the wrong hands so I didnt. They were super yummy & the kids LOVED them!
3. Brownie Bites.. just because!
4. Super snacks... things that give you energy, endurance, agility, and all the pother good stuff: Carrots, Broccoli, Cucumbers, Strawberries, and blueberries.
5. Zombie Apocalypse Brain cupcakes: Red vanilla cake with brains and strawberry blood. YUM!
6. Blue Beetle cupcakes. Blue Velvet cake with lighter blue frosting.

Sorry, no wings.

The kids played up a storm in the house.
The had a blast trying to play KK in Rockband.
The only kids that succeeded were of course mine.
They all nailed the songs when they sung.

Best part for HT?
Probably when I played a message for him.
Kyle sent me a voice recording.
He wished HT a happy birthday as well as mentioned how cool it was that he was having a KK party.
The look on his face was just priceless and i wish I had recorded it.
It's etched in my brain though... Kyle, you're ah-some!

Oh, and we played the newest KK album - Acoustic in Australia - which I totally dig!

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Awesome! What a great party!