Monday, May 23, 2011

2 worlds collide

World #1: Picture this. Hot blonde about 20. Pierced ears, nose, a couple tattoos. Likes too tight shirts, baggy jeans and Doc Marten boots. Hangs out with a like group of individuals (3 guys: M, R, & J and 2 other girls: M,  & C). They love to hang out at coffee houses. Their 2 favorites are the Cup in Wantagh & Witches Brew in Hempstead). I should add they lived in Nassau County on Long Island.

World #2: Picture this. So-so light brown-haired 33-year old. Mom to 3 boys. Likes flip-flops, fitted t-shirts and sporty shorts. Doesn't hang out much. Is the FourSquare mayor of her local Starbucks.

In case you couldn't figure it out, both worlds are mine. This evening they collided.

I was watching Disney Channel's "Good Luck, Charlie" with my boys. Teddy, played by Bridgit Mendler, is dating this guy who is doing a poetry reading and he wants her to come. So the time comes to go the the reading and they show the coffee house facade before showing the new scene. I immediately connect. Did I just see what I think I saw? Thank goodness for DVRs. I backed it up and paused it. I stared for a minute wondering if a place I once knew would still look the same 10 years later (I now live in NC and have for 5 years). Another yay for technology as I googled the place and did a street view. I looked at other pictures and have made a self-proclamation that the facade they used for the coffee shop on "Good Luck, Charlie" is Hempstead, Long Island's own Witches Brew!

Want proof? Ok  because I got it :)

Here is the Still shot I took with my iPhone of "Good Luck, Charlie"
Sorry for the bar on the bottom but I think y'all can see the image well enough
(if you click it gets bigger)
Now if you Google Map it on street-view, you get this....

I cropped it so it had the same sizing as my TV screenshot.

Granted one is day and one is night. I have been there not literally a thousand times but definitely hundreds and 90% of that was in the dark so I do know this place pretty well.

I looked on the web and came across the picture from a flickr group. This shows the front from another angle but you can clearly see how they used the image of the Witches Brew but just changed the name which is easy enough.

Notice the fallen "SE" on this picture and the TV one... SAME!

I couldn't find mention that the places were in fact the same but I did leave a message on the Witches Brew Facebook page and we'll see what, if anything, they say.

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James'momma said...

Very cool!!!
btw; I love both the old and new you.