Monday, June 28, 2010


I so need to stop looking at people's pictures on Facebook.
I know i shouldn't compare myself.
I know that I have 3 kids and a husband.
I also know why I get so jealous.

I dated a guy, JP, for 4 years from 15-19. I loved him but obviously not in a forever type of way. I lost my virginity shortly before I turned 16, but otherwise I was such a goody-goody.  I stayed clear of anyone who drank, or smoked, and obviously did drugs. I didn't do parties. I didn't drive. I worked and did school stuff and spent every other waking second with JP.

We broke up when I was 19 so I could *gasp* date a girl. We were on and off for over a year. I still didn't do parties and I rarely drank before I was 21 although I did once in awhile. I smoked to try and fit in but only socially. I tried hard to fit in with anyone. I did do a few clubs and tried to get my grove on but I guess I am too shy and maybe just totally unapproachable. I dunno.

I met Tommy. We hung out watching TV and doing more homebody stuff. We did used to go to his friends bar. But again, otherwise home.

So yeah, looking at pictures of people having fun on boats, dancing at clubs, drinking with friends, playing corn-hole.. just about anything where they're not alone makes me jealous.

I try to fit in to this day but never get enough of a friendship to make my own pictures for others to be jealous over. OK, OK, OK! I know, I have 3 gorgeous boys and a hot husband so what am I jealous over? Answer: just about everything else.


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Elwood said...

My wife and I are just as boring. Work, school, the dogs. No kids, but we're homebodies nevertheless.

Besides, think of all the wasted money those other people are spending, while you've got a nice house and other things.'s not worth fretting over. It's your lifestyle, and if you're not willing to give up what you have for what you don't then it's clearly the right lifestyle for you.

Be at peace with your choices. We accept you as you are, no matter what anyway. :)