Thursday, July 1, 2010

Seriously, Fisher-Price? That's it?

Fisher-Price had a nice Rain forest Pack N Play.

We bought it for when O was born (since we sold our other one presuming we were done having kids). I had his room in the FP Rain forest theme and I had to have the matching pack n play for downstairs. We had the bouncy chair and the jumperoo and as I said, his bedroom was done to match as well as diaper caddies and anything I could find!

In July of 2008, i went to lean over to get my son out (he was 5 months old) and th side gave way! Yes the 170 pound me collapsed on top of the bent metal side which was on top of my 5-month old! I was fine but he was screaming for a long time after that. He was ultimately fine (no major injuries) but a little cut and some bruising.

I sent FP an e-mail to let them know. I didnt hear back. I kept the crib hoping one day I would be able to fix it. It went into the crawl space in the garage and it sat there - forgotten.

Then they recalled them! Apparently, I should have complained more to Fisher-Price about this issue because it was recalled because of the same thing that happened to us! This is December 2008/January 2009.
I immediately went to try and contact them. I explained how mine had collapsed and I still had it. I was advised to do the online refund form. Apparently, they didn't care that mine actually broke and my baby was crushed. He didn't die so why should they care? I could get a refund just like every other schmuck. Yay me.
So I fill it out and get the e-mail back saying to cute the side panels out and mail back with a prepaid label. I e-mailed back and asked if they wanted the whole thing (in box) since mine was one of the reasons they were recalled. They said to further assist I could call. Calling Fisher-Price during and right after Christmastime is insane. I tried a bunch of time but I cant be hold for HOURS when i have 3 small kids. Sorry. I tried and I tried to e-mail again where I was told to mail the 4 panels.

I kept meaning to contact them again and see if they cared my baby was hurt. I e-mailed them around June of 2009 and they said same thing, side panels. I got sucked up into my life again. It happens. I am a mom of 3 hyper boys who runs a business form her home and, to be honest, gets a bit scatter-brained quite often (thanks to my severe PMDD). Anyway...

Fine! All  4 panels were mailed back. I made sure that was all they needed and then discarded the broken POS  (I did keep it for a year and a half - broken just waiting). That was February 13th. It arrived at FP on February 16th. Apparently, March 23rd they called here (they did? they didnt speak to anyone in this house!) saying they were missing a panel piece. I had no clue.

Then fast forward to June 2010. I e-mail them and ask what was up with our refund. They called me back (yay, I speak with a human!) the next day. The lady was nice/ But said I can only get $75.00 back since I am missing a side panel. Excuse me? I KNOW for a FACT I had all 4 panels in a ziplock bag that was mailed back. I KNOW they were all there! She asked if I had the other panel. UHm.... NO! I told her I discarded the crib in March and just threw out the box 2 weeks ago! She told me I should have never thrown it out until I got the refund... Hello?! McFly?! I mailed the pieces 5 months ago! How long do you want me to keep a broken, useless crib? I me mentioned how mine was one of the ones that collapsed and how I held onto it and stuff. She didnt care and proceeded to tell me I can look for the other panel and mail it back. Again, explaining it was all mailed and the rest is long gone, I had to accept $75.00instead of the full $100.00 which in my opinion is ridiculous since my son was hurt and they were notified of this.

So here I am. Granted my son is fine. Granted I am fine. That's all that matters. But I can't help but be angry that they didnt care about what happened. They gave more money to people who had no problems them to me who had a problem. Makes me glad O is our last... we dont have to purchase anymore Fisher-Price Baby Gear products because if I had the choice, I'd avoid them for another child (and will recommend against an expectant mother on getting FP Gear).

there.. said my piece... I feel slightly better now.

This was a week and a half later.... You can see the darken-ness on the right side of his belly.
It was just about unbruised.


Kids In Danger said...

So glad your son had only minor injuries when the crib collapsed. even though you no longer have the crib, you should report the incident to the Consumer product Safety Commission, they have an online form at

Kids In Danger was founded by parents whose son was killed when the portable crib he slept in collapsed, the side rails collapsed around his neck, strangling him.

Momma Bay.... err, I mean, Tara. said...

Thank you Kids In Danger! I did just go to and files a report.. I wish I had done that a year+ ago!