Wednesday, June 2, 2010

no iPhone!

My nightmare has come true! The item I fought against and never thought anyone needed but then I got and realized one of the best inventions has pretty much bit the dust!

You have heard of people being "Unplugged" for music but that's me now... 3 kids driving around with no means of communication including a simple cell phone. Kinda scary now that I am used to being able to call on a whim.

Anyway, long story short, my touch screen does not work so I can't answer calls or do ANYTHING on the phone besides make the screen come up that tells me to unlock the damn thing. Oh how I wish I could unlock it!

So, y'all missed my day. Here it is:

leave at 8:30 am to pick up L and wait in carpool.
drop of C & L at school.
drive to Target with H & C to look at clothes & bathing suits (for them mainly).
go to Old Navy and return exchange some items (side note: I have more to return again)
go to Chick-Fil-A (now it's 10:40 am). Kids play and we have to wait until after 11:00 am so I can get my new, free Spicy Chicken Sandwich. We get food, they graze and play. Some friends arrive. We chat. When we're ready to leave I get informed Owen shoved his shoe in a place one should not go. SO after about 20 minutes, we retrieved the "lost" Croc (thanks head-like Chick-Fil-A dude!).
Arrive home at 1:00 and put O down for his nap. make phone calls, answer e-mails.
Cole gets home at 2:45 and I wake the baby up, pack, and we're out the door to Grandma's by 3:15.
Kids at Granny's and I head (alone!!) to Sears at at the mall (right where i was with Old Navy & Target earlier) to get sneakers (which I haven't had a pair of in seriously about 4 years).
I leave Sears in a torrential downpour at 4:05.
I go about 2 miles to get my cat and arrive at 4:25 (I told ya it was raining hard).
I drive slowly-like home while talking to my newly spayed kitty.
I bring her home, set-her up and be with her before i Leave again.
At 5:10, I leave to go get the boys and return at 5:50.
Then I make dinner and try to do some work...

here. i. am.

Yup.... that's my life.. running circles all the time!

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