Sunday, June 20, 2010

Have a SUPER Father's Day!

Hubby got to sleep late (something that hardly EVER happens here).
He walked downs stairs and I started his breakfast.
What does the best dad have for breakfast?

His gifts awaiting him...
A cup of coffee the way he likes it and a cup of OJ in a green cup...
His place setting included a Green Lantern Ring napkin ring...
He had scrambled eggs, 4 slices of some thick bacon, 4 sausage links and my attemt at a green lantern logo on his toast...
Oh, and Hunter wanted that Iron-Man set-up for his dad since "he doesn't have an Iron-Man."
I then put something for him to look at while eating in front of him. 
It was this...
There he is as a Green Lantern.
The very wonderful, sweet, and amazing Jamie Cosley drew him based on his favorite Hal Jordan.
I printed him out on card stock and colored him quickly with crayons.

Then, hubby opened his presents.
One bag was from H and had a bag of candy each with a separate meaning, a picture with things about his daddy and a glove filled with sand because he's "the best Dad hands down."

The other bag was from C. His had a laminated picture and sheet about hid Dad, a picture he drew, and the best part... a book he made about why he loves his father including things like "i trust him", "he makes the best steak", "he has great ideas", and more - each with a picture to match.

Then later on, we all colored our own daddy as Green Lantern. Hubby made himself like Sinestro all purple-skinned and in yellow. Then he popped in the Kirby Krackle CD.

Totally geeky Father's Day? Yup. Does he love it? Yup! And i love him tons and tons!

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