Tuesday, March 13, 2012

20 Random Things

  1. I have been saved. I am born again and have full faith that when my time comes I am going to Heaven. Jesus Christ is my Lord & Savior and I love Him & what He has done for little ole me. 
  2. I was a twirler - like highly competitive. I did team & solo and traveled with it. We were a pretty decent ranking team. I did twirling for more than 4 years. I quit when I had trouble doing 2 batons at once. I wasnt the best at it anymore, and I wanted to quit. which oddly leads to ....
  3. I like to do things perfectly or else I dont like to do them. I do all things with a bang and with all my heart.
  4. I've started a children's book like 5o times so far. I have 2 ideas I'd love to finish but just haven't. One about an odd group of friends (series potential) and the other an A-Z book.
  5. I want a daughter. badly.
  6. I love my husband. He still amazes me and who he is becoming is making me love him even more.
  7. I am a natural at throwing parties. I a theme person and I love to go all out. Guess that goes along with doing something right or not doing it at all.
  8. I've never left the United States.
  9. I love to cook.
  10. I have a hyper sensitively to smell & taste. This makes it hard to eat a lot of things past the first bite. A smoker 3 cars ahead of me, makes me gag.  I dont drink out of glass (if I have a choice) because they always have weird smells (like summer rain or wet dog).
  11. I got huge boobs which are a blessing and a curse.
  12. I wanted to go to a Culinary Academy but my parents thought it was a stupid profession and told me they wouldnt pay for cooking school. So I spent 4 years at a top-ranked business school, graduated with a high GPA in Business Computer Information Systems but couldn't get a job in my field. So my degree is just  a piece of paper because when I do go back to work, it's not in computer technology!
  13. I love comics, horror, and Science fiction. I go to comic conventions and woudl love ot be able to go to more.
  14. I unpack my shopping cart by grouping things together. I get annoyed when the cashier scans them in a different order and bags them weird.
  15. I love cats. A lot. Like amazingly. I dont care for digs though.
  16. I HATE (or more than hate) shoes.
  17. My 1st car was the best. It was a 2009 Volkswagen Routan. I so loved it and miss it. her name was Roo.
  18. As long as my kids aren't near, people never guess my age correctly. I still look young :)
  19. I laugh at everything (so much it's a fault).
  20. I've been married for over 10 years but I still dream of some fancy engagement proposal. Never had one, never will. :(