Tuesday, March 13, 2012

10 things I'd like to go back in time and tell the 16-year-old me

  1. You may think Jason is the love of your life but he's not. You love him, that is true, but he's not the one you are meant to be with. Dont let him tell you how to dress or how to wear your hair. You ar ein control of yourself. Dont let go of you!
  2. Stop trying to impress others. Years down the road they wont be there for you so stop trying to be who you're not just to "fit in". You are perfect the way you are - you are just as He made you. You are beautiful, you are made to fill a purpose, you are made for more than this.
  3. Fight like heck for what you believe! Fight to go to culinary school. Fight for what feels right in your heart.
  4. Go to Prom even if you have to go with someone else, just go!
  5. Driving isnt as scary as you think so stop putting it off and get your license! If you stop spending all your money on others, you can buy yourself a car in no time!
  6. Make your Popa go get his stomach checked out. His aortic aneurysm will burst if he doesnt get it caught & fixed. (I wish my Popa were around to see his grandkids get married, have kids, and just grow up to be the amazing people we are).
  7. Forgive! Forgive those that teased you, tortured you, made feel less than you are, that hurt you in any way and for anyone who will hurt you. It's not for you to judge them. They have to atone for their own sins. You worry about you and know you are loved.
  8. Quit thinking you look stupid in glasses. By wearing your contacts so much, you are actual scarring your eyes and making it so you'll have to wear your glasses more often (talk about irony)! Embrace your inner geek with those glasses - in a few years they will be a fashion statement and you'll be ahead of the curve!
  9. Keep up the hard work in school, keep up not smoking, keep up not drinking, keep up caring about yourself and respecting who you are. Stand strong in your convictions. Dont doubt if you're doing the right thing just because others are doing something else. You're smart, heartstrong, and have a great sense of value. Trust it!
  10. Go for it! Dont be scared to fail at something. Try out for the team. Ask for the raise. You can do it!
16 year-old me

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