Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My son - the comic geek is - Confused.

H insists on something that I can't figure out.
SOMEONE must figure this out for me (and him so I dont think he's crazy).
This is from my four year's mouth:
"Raven's other dad, not Trigon. He has 2 eyes that are red and he's a bad guy and he's a robot because he's inside the robot. I've never seen him not in inside the robot. You should have watched the Teen Titans that had that other dad that I dont know the name of."
So please figure out what he INSISTS is Raven's Dad but isn't!
Solution: The answer is SLADE aka Deathstroke! I showed him a picture if Slade and he said that's him! I explained he wasn't Raven's dad but her dad's friend. CT came down and saw the picture and told me it was a bad guy who hangs out with Raven's dad like a sidekick. :) This is Slade is Teen Titans (The Deathstroke name was apparently a bit much for younger kids):
So yeah, question answered. Good work, Tom!

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