Thursday, April 5, 2012


I repurpose plastic (and glass) bottles. Powdered creamer containers are great to hold straws or bread crumbs. Bigger jugs are great for cleaning products I make. I got 2 key tips to make repurposing much nicer.

1. Take off all labels! 
Peel as much off as you can. Then take WD-40 (what can't this stuff do?) and cover the rest of the label and let sit. The WD-40 will remove the gooey stickiness and any remaining label. 
2. Remove any printing directly on package!
You know those black lettered stamps that are lot numbers and dates they put directly on the bottle. They come off! Just take a cotton ball and a little bit of nail polish remover. VIOLA! it rubs right off! Along with this you can write in permanent marker on plastic boxes (i label my kids boxes for things like pencils, markers, crayons, stickers, puzzles, card games, etc..). When you no longer need the label on it, just do the same thing: nail polish remover and a cotton ball and the writing comes right off! Box is like brand new!
So 2 household products cane make your repurposing so much easier! just think! Those big tubs of pretzels you get, you can remove all labels and markings, have a perfect clear & empty container, and reuse it to put cookies in to give as gifts! The possibilities are endless!

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