Thursday, August 4, 2011

Road Trip: Day 3

Day 3 we spent as a family (well, George worked during the day and Lisa had to sleep because she works at night and needed to sleep at least a little bit).
We went to a local park that has a small zoo and a bunch of playgrounds. Got some great pictures there and spent some great time with most all of my nieces (the oldest is 16 and getting too cool for that sort of thing - so 3 out of 4 is still a big win for me)!
We had pizza & wings for dinner (thanks Dad!).
Kids got Uncle George to play guitar for them and sing and they think he's is just way too cool!

I just loved this one.
Elisabeth & Brianna helping OC with mulch in his shoes.


Hunter said, "Take a picture of me. I'm being God."
Not sure if that's cute or sacrilegious. I took it as cute.
A great shot of the kids - if only McKayla were in it....
Another sweet shot!

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