Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's been HOW long?

You can always tell when I get slammed with work: paid, pro bono, and real life "stuff"
I know it's no excuse, but I thought maybe I can "show" you a little of why I have been busy. Being able to actually see something, makes it seem more real and not just an excuse.

made a "save the date" card for a non-profit event

Not only did I make the flyer for the MOW kick-off event, I am running the event.
Keep in mind there were about 6000 fliers printed out that had to be delivered!
Also, designed our new logo and re-designed the whole webpage at

Of course an invite or 2 has been thrown in. I've done Audrey's for the last bunch of years. They family keeps coming back because they love how custom the work is and how it really represents their children. Notice kid sister barbie and how she looks like the girl in the picture? :) 

I made cakes and cupcakes a decent amount as well.
My 2 bigger cakes were a Spongebob Squarepants themed 2-tiered cake and a ballerina cake.
The ballerina cake was about 8" high and 8" across.
marble cake with vanilla buttercream and vanilla marshmallow fondant.
It has edible peals all around it and ribbon-work covered with pearl dust.
Back of cake made it lok like it was ribbon corsetted.
It was complete with a tutu cake board I made for the client. 
(please note - cake is straight and level, picture makes it look as if it's not - picture provided by party guest)

So just a taste of Why I haven't blogged.
I know I posted Day 1 of my trip and stopped there. 
Hoping to get the rest up and such but it was a long, not-so-bumpy ride!