Tuesday, April 5, 2011

He just doesnt get it.

I told my husband I wanted to start going to church.
A specific church, Richland Creek.
I love it there.

He told me to go.
I said, 'but the kids wont go without you."
His response?
I could either go without them or just bring them.
The kids don't want to be apart from their Dad. They love him so incredibly much. I get that and I wouldn't rip them apart.
As for me going without all of them... yeah, kind of defeats the purpose... I want the kids to go!

The last thought on his mind (which apparently isn't even a consideration) is that he o with me and the kids go happily.

Maybe one day he'll realize Church is not the enemy and open up and let something help him!


Stephen said...

I say go with the kids. Make it like an adventure...something fun and new for them to try. If they ask about Dad going, do what I do and let the kids ask him. I find my husband finds it harder to look into my kids' little eyes and say "No" than to tell me "No." My husband doesn't come with me to church every time I go and the kids and I are in a good routine about going. My oldest has had his moments of "Why do I have to go when Dad doesn't?" to which I reply "When you are 18, you can decide whether or not you will go to church. Until then, you're going." It helps that my husband does support my efforts and encourages them to come with me. And my husband surprises me now and then by coming with us without anyone asking him. Try it, see how you all like it. All you have to lose is an hour out of everyone's day. :)

Stephen said...

By the way, this is Shauna......I don't know how I'm signed in with my husband's account...sigh!