Thursday, April 7, 2011

Done at my house

So I was inside and Miss N came barreling in saying how she needed ice quick. She went in my freezer and we grabbed an ice pack. She ran out side and I followed. Apparently A had taken a terrible spill... flipped over on the sidewalk and banged his forehead. His knee hurt and his elbow was scraped up. Miss C, his mom, said he needed a band-aid. She yelled for her eldest, a 13-year old, to go inside and get a band-aid. He went very slowly and grumpily into their house. Meanwhile, Owen comes running from our house and hands Miss C a band-aid and neo-to-go spray. He waits there for her to hand him back the spray and then he stays and waits for the garbage form the band-aid. he then went and threw the garbage out and put the spray back. Now out comes A's brother with a cheese stick in his hand saying how he couldn't find the band-aids. Miss C said they were right there in the kitchen on top of the toaster as she anticipated someone needing one today.

Anyway, that's my boy - the little humanitarian he is. He heard someone need something, went and got it, nice and quick, no distractions. O just amazes me.

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