Tuesday, March 29, 2011

With so much to be thankfull for...

... I still can't help but think of what I dont have lately.

Houses. I see these houses and I get all weepy inside. I try not to as we picked out what was best for our family with what we could afford. I love my house, I do. We don't NEED it any bigger but I do want it bigger. I know I should be happy to have a house at all, I get that, but I still get all sad inside. Maybe if I could actually paint this one, or have a nice outside, maybe I'd care more about the house I actually live in!

Kids. Tom was SURE he was done. So sure, he got snipped, without making sure I was 100% with it. I was probably about 90% when he had it done. It's a few years later and I am way less than 90% sure now. I would love more kids even though they drive me nuts a lot. They are my pride & my joy and my world. I should be happy that I have 3 very healthy, very active boys. We have our health and how can you be sad about that? You cant! I know, Tom can get reversed if we want.... Yeah, he would never want to do such a thing! He can BARELY handle the 3 we have, another is not even a second thought for him. Besides, I'm getting older and each day adds more of a chance of something being wrong with a new baby. Maybe one day we can adopt/foster.  I still have so much love in my heart and I would love to love on as many hearts as I could!

Friends. I think I touched enough on this before but I wish I had people here that would stay here to share their lives with my family's lives. Oh well.

I am sure I can go on but I have to pick up HT.

I am thankful for my health, for being in love, for having food & shelter, for having 3 incredible boys, for having my family, and for each day.

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