Friday, March 25, 2011

KidAround Kid Sale at the Factory in Wake Forest

This was my 1st time consigning. I did all white tags which means I could shop as one of the 1st people.
It was a huge size but to be honest, people were too high on their pricing on the clothes and I was VERY disappointed at the clothing selection -  i started with 4T and looked up to size 16 all in boys. 


The above pictures dont do the size of this justice but there was a HUGE "room" full of toys ad non-clothes. 
The other room was all clothes and shoes.

I went to a consignment sale last year downtown at a Baptist Church. It was half the size of this but checkout was more organized. They had handheld scanners and they scanned each item like they do at Target. I labeled each one of my items with barcodes but they didnt scan anything. I have no clue how they do the stuff at this one, but I am curious since I'd love to track my sales. I did see a lady carrying my wooden Melissa & Doug Garage up to check-out so I know I sold at least 1 thing. 

That being said, I priced too low I think. After looking through the clothes and seeing what they asked for things, My stuff should go in a heartbeat. It's all PERFECT condition (practically new) Gymboree or babyGAP. I couldnt believe what they were selling. Circo brand denim pull on shorts for $5.00! Are you serious? NEW they are that price and I always scored them on sale for no more than $2.49 a pair! What sort of drugs are these consignors on? 

Again, highly disappointed at the clothes. I got more at the other sale. As for toys, I passed over table after table since we didnt need much. I went to the puzzles and art stuff. I picked up a new puzzle that was sealed. They were asking 4.00 for it and they sell it right now in Target for 3.99. Yeah, I dont think so! There were a lot of higher priced stuff and I REALLY know my prices so I know what I can get it for other places or new or when I snag things on sale.

I was kinda tight with my money but I did score a few great items.

Melissa & Doug NEW SEALED USA Floor Puzzle.
We wanted to buy this for CT for Christmas. he loves the US and puzzles.
I paid $4.00 and you can buy it at a store right now for more than double that.

Size 10 so still a bit too big for O but they are so cute and you can see the bottom of the one shoe, they are virtually new.
Not sure if they kid ever wore them outta the house. Not a tiny scratch or scuff anywhere.
I paid $3.00

Size 4 yellow outfit for O.
It was brand spankin' new.
I paid $4.00 for it.

CT likes clothes that are simple and look like a college kid. His words not mine.
This is SUPER soft and will go great with navy shorts.
I paid $1.00

Might still be too big for CT (since he is REALLY skinny) but these are size 8 GAP kids shorts.
They are in awesome condition!
Paid $2.00

Size 9/10 which are too big for O and too small for HT.
They are super cute, great condition and I paid $1.00

just like I write, this is just like new!
We have gone through a bunch of these and they aren't cheap, new!
I scored this one for $2.00 and its the big size!!

How could I pass this up?
I couldn't and I didnt!
I paid $2.00 for this.

Melissa & Doug new Responsibility chart.
It normally comes as a set with a calendar but that's ok b/c we dont need the calendar.
It still had the plastic attached and in tact. Not a single knick or anything. PERFECT!
Paid $5.00 for this. 

So for all those keeping track, that is $24.00 for all that stuff! Not too bad! I wish I got more... I didnt need anything but I feel like I didnt buy enough! HA! In hindsight, I should have bought 2 more responsibility charts so I had 1 for each kid.


James'momma said...

I went to our local consignment shop today too......reeeeeaaaly dissapointed in the clothes prices!! I mean$10 for a pair of shorts???

keira said...

Hi Tara! Just wanted to leave a quick comment about KidAround KidSale. I'm sorry you were disappointed by the prices. We try to guide our consignors to price well to sell, but you're right, some people just don't get it. We don't like it when there are overpriced items either and stained or clothes that are in poor condition are unacceptable to us. If you are ever shopping with us and come across stained or damaged clothing, call our attention to it. We'll be happy to pull it from the sales floor.
As far as the checkout system, all tags DO get scanned, we just don't do it at checkout. We find that it holds up the line too much. If you ever shop our sale during regular shopping hours, you'll agree with us. Even when the line is to the back of the room, there is rarely more than a 15-20 minute wait to check out.
Thanks for consigning with us! Hope you do well!