Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Easy A is easily believable... sort of.

I wanted to see Easy A but as most know know me personally know, I don't got the movies. Last thing I saw in the theaters was Cars in May of 2006 and before that was something prior to May of 2004! So, Easy A is now available at Red Box. We use this due to convenience even though we are Netflix people too. Hubby came home from wrk bearing the DVD. I was excited.

After the kids went to bed we watched the movie. It was funny. It was cute. It had good casting. It had solid characters. We laughed at it and we enjoyed it. The movie ends and Hubby says he has 2 major issues with it. Besides the fact that rumors dont spread THAT fast, it is extremely unbelievable that she wasn't noticed prior to this - that she was sort of invisible. I stayed quiet for a minute before bursting his bubble. I asked him if he thought I was hot in high school (we didnt goto school together but he's seen lots of pictures). He replied with a yes and I said, "I was unnoticed."

Yes, hard to believe (not) that I was unnoticed. Here I am at 15 & 16...
I think I was pretty darn cute. I had awesome clothes and I was sweet and smart. I was a size 3 and had a 32D/32DD chest. Me? I was unnoticed. Just another body in the school. Much like Olive Penderghast (oddly I was dating a guy with the last name of Pendergast for most of my high school career).

Rumors do spread really fast - especially when it comes to a girl being easy. I was a freshman in high school when that "guy" (he was more of a slimy badword than a guy) who date raped me decided to spread rumors that we slept together and was easy all around school. It really did spread like wildfire and I was definitely noticed. But unlike the movie, I had to keep going and after a little while, I was back to being unnoticed (which again, unlike Olive, I would rather be unnoticed then thought to be a slut). Occasionally some guy would like me and some girl would remind him of "who I was"  but it didnt matter much because as I said, I had a boyfriend I loved very much at the time.

Anyway, yes, it's easy to be pretty and smart and be unnoticed in high school and yes rumors spread really quickly.

Back to the movie, I really enjoyed it, especially all the references to the John Hughes movies that I adore oh so much!

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