Thursday, July 22, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake dreams

I had a request I GLADLY accepted. A client wanted a Strawberry Shortcake invitation for his little girl.
As always I gather my research and design ideas by looking at the characters on the web.
Strawberry Shortcake holds a VERY special place in my heart!
I loved her growing up.. and all her friends.
I had the small dolls, the big doll, the kissing baby, audio cassettes and storybooks, clothes, costumes, sleeping bag.... need I go on?
That is why I jumped at the chance to do this!
I have 3 boys whom I more than adore but I dont get to relive my childhood toys with them like Tom does.
This was my way to relive it.. I thought.
So after doing my research, I came out prepared to do this invitation but left feeling empty.
I guess I really do want a baby girl.
Too bad that will never happen :(


sazzifrazz said...

Sorry your feeling empty Tara. Im pretty sure I can relate. I don't have that longing for a girl thing though. For me its just longing for the baby days one more time.

ELL said...

I have that feeling too...the want for a girl. I even got (though, free, i still have them) PINK sandles...and I put them on James..and he wears them (though, i don't have him wear them far...just when he is out in our yard, and i can't quickly find any of his other shoes..)
Christian and Erik just shake their heads and have agreed to let me as long as he doesn't wear them out in the public..

Samantha Lee said...

Though I have a girl, I understand your longing for a baby. Would you 2 ever adopt?

Ellie: Pink sandals? Haha that is hilarious.