Tuesday, May 1, 2012


It's May. May is CT's birthday. It's HT's birthday. My nephew's birthday. A bunch of the kids' friends' birthdays. There is the Mother's Day tea where i am hosting not 1 but 2 tables. Then Mother's Day. And End of preschool. End of the year for MOW (mom's group I am president of). Memorial Day of course.... Yeah. May is slightly packed. Add in the fact that the kids are tracked out for another 2 weeks and we have a bunch of appointments (dentists & doctors) made for while they're out. Oh and Boy Scout stuff (end of year coming soon). PHEW! And oddly, I've been on a cleaning streak where I am moving furniture and DEEP cleaning closets and bins and I'm insane!

I do have 2 plans. 1 I decided early last month and that is a special mom thing to do/blog every day for a month. The other was early this morning. I am giving up all HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) stuff for a month. That means the can of soda I opened will be drank by a child and I will stare at labels. I'm good at following through with things for the kids but when it comes to me, I fall to the wayside.

So follow my 'mothering" journey and watch for more posts when kids track back in.

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