Wednesday, May 2, 2012


2. Picture yourself at your child's age(s). Try to remember how you felt.

Me at 4: My passion & Love was my Cabbage Patch Kid, Jenny Bethany. My best friend was MaryAnne next door and we played, and played together for hours on end. 

Me at 6: I was loud and active. I did Brownies, and MaryAnne was still my bestie. I loved my CPS and Barbies but I was completely a tomboy and also liked to play with Derek across the street.

Me at 8: I had already learned about bullying and was semi-friendless because I was a 'nerd' and wore glasses. MaryAnne moved to SC and the closest friend I had became Derek. I read the entire set of World Book encyclopedias and yearbooks the summer I was 8. 

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