Friday, January 6, 2012

I hate when mental plans change!

For each kid every year, we celebrate their birthday their way. The day is about them. If they want ice cream, we go get ice cream. If they want sushi, we get sushi. We're lucky that our kids are pretty simple still so it's like they ask to go and buy some large electronic thing. They usually want to eat at McDonald's or Red Robin & go somewhere fun. 

As long as my kids want, they have a party instead of presents. They have enough so we throw a cost-effective party with whatever theme they choose and I try and make it super special. I dont have parties on their actual birthdays because then Mommy isnt focusing on them, Mommy is focusing on the party and setting up and food and all that so parties are on different days.

That's just how this family rolls.

Well, this year, CT & HT play Upward Basketball. their games are on Saturday mornings. 
OC's birthday is February 11th which this year, is on a Saturday. So already 3-hours of his morning is spent at his brothers' basketball games. CT does Boy Scouts. He's a Wolf. They have their annual Pinewood Derby coming up and yup! You guessed it! It's February 11th! So from 5:00 on, we have to be at the Pinewood Derby! 

I know I shouldn't feel bad, but I feel terrible that the whole day isn't about him. It's not even like we really have some family plan to do, we have a HT focused event and 2 CT events... last one is just totally about CT in every way. 

Guess the party I throw has to be a bit more kick-butt than normal to make my own self feel better about slighting my baby.Publish Post

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Shana said...

It's tough when life gets in the way like that. Maybe y'all can do a special breakfast in the morning for him at least. You'll make him feel special no matter what.